Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pastor Marvin Winans Talks About the Purpose of Fasting and Why Patience Is Important In Prayer

Lately, we have experienced the benefits of fasting, but there is another side to it, tests and trials may come and some of them may even confuse you, because they can be very emotionally painful.  However, Pastor Marvin Winans explains fasting, after a woman called into the Yolanda Adams show.  Honestly, Pastor Marvin Winans says there is one fast that he knows of.

You know how there are all types of fasts; Supernatural (no food and no water); then there's the Full-water fast; then there's the Daniel fast, which is only fruit or vegetable juice; then there is supposed to be some other type of fast that includes whole grains, no meat and no dairy products.   However, Pastor Winans bluntly says there is only one type of fast he knows of, that is 'no eating'.

According to, Pastor Marvin Winans talks about the purpose of fasting, and shares a funny story about how not to fast. In addition, Pastor Winans discusses patience. The thing everyone seems to struggle with. Listen to the audio player to hear him discuss why patience is so important in our prayer life, and more in this exclusive interview.

In our conclusion, we honestly feel that God honors the Full-water fast; Partial fast, which is no eating until noon or evening (however God leads you); Daniel fast. Furthermore, even the Supernatural fast, but of course we don't recommend you to do it, unless God tells you to do so.  For example, Prophet Brian Carn did the 40 day fast, because he allegedly claims God told him to do so, but naturally, it isn't safe, health-wise.

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