Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pastor of Michael Brown’s Family Delivers Sermon In Auto-Loan Shop’s Parking Lot Days After Church Burned Down

It's sad to see us returning to a similar era before Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination and when Rosa Parks refused to sit on the back of the bus, but it has come to this, because of rebellion.  Back in the day before African Americans when won equality in America our black churches were burned down, but it has occurred in recent years, the latest, in Ferguson, Michael Brown's family church.   Pastor Carlton Lee suppressed tears while preaching in an auto loan shop.

According to, Lee, who is the Brown family pastor, fought tears as he deliver the first sermon since his church building was burned — almost completely gutted — as chaos ruled the streets in parts of Ferguson on Monday night.

Beloved and brothers and sisters, the African American race must admit that although we don't deserve to have God's house burned to the ground, the majority of our people must return to the altar and repent for not serving and fully surrendering to Him.  For we have been the only race enslaved in America and the majority of our race has forgotten our roots, especially complete holiness and righteousness. Let us repent for not loving and respecting each other and most importantly, honoring and loving our Savior, Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to Pastor Carlton Lee and the Brown family.

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