Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pregnant Woman Loses Left Eye In Ferguson Protests After Police Shoot Bean Bag at Her

This is so sad, this is the picture of America today, after the death of Michael Brown. Now, we are not necessarily saying that this pregnant woman has not turned to Christ, but overall, God expects complete surrender among all African Americans.  After so many years of the majority of our race resenting the way God has made them and disrespecting and killing each other, this is what we are left with, in the 21st century, no respect from white America, after Ferguson's tragedy.  However, as we've told you so many times before, the majority of African Americans must repent and totally surrender their souls to Jesus Christ, and this is just a spiritual matter.  Many white people may turn away from Christ, but because we have been the only race enslaved in America, we were chosen to be a holy people.  Therefore, rebellion has cost us and there's been a tragic price to pay.

According to, some nonviolent citizens got caught up in the tense police crossfire, like pregnant woman, Dornella Conners, who lost her left eye.

In the meantime, Dornella Conners and all the other victims in Ferguson are in our prayers. 

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