Sunday, November 9, 2014

Prophet/Evangelist Earl Carter Preached Against Homosexuality and Sin in the Church: What about all the molestation cases...?

Yes, Prophet Earl Carter, this man of God really did preach a good sermon.  However, there are people still hurting from being ostracized by the COGIC denomination, after admitting they were molested by certain dignitaries.  There have been some alleged victims, both male and female who were young children when they first experienced homosexuality through a pastor or bishop or some other type of COGIC dignitary.  So, we ask you, although Prophet Carter called out homosexuality and other types of sin, how can we heal all the broken hearts who were molested by some COGIC clergy members, in some cases infected them with AIDS?  

At 7:43, Prophet Carter allegedly mentioned in his own words that some gay men want to be girls, but really we don't think those who have been sexually violated and have turned out to be gay want to remain that way. 

According to, COGIC Superintendent Earl Carter preached a powerful message on Saturday night at the Church of God in Christ’s 107th annual Holy Convocation.  At Saturday’s evening worship service, Carter challenged preachers and church members to get rid of the sin in their lives and begin living “like Jesus.” Speaking against homosexuality, Carter said, ‘I know some of you homosexuals don’t want me to talk about you, but I’m going to talk about you. Some of you have been to every conference, been to every convocation, been to all the revivals, and you’re still a sissy, you’re still a whoremonger…’

With all due respect, we certainly hope Bishop Charles Blake brings this issue to the roundtable among the head bishops, simply because a lot of people in the black church have turned away because of this hypocrisy.   How can they continue to preach against it, if many were first turned out by those in the pulpit or even those over the choirs?  Many of these grown people refuse to hear sermons about homosexuality, if they cannot even get an apology from those who should have removed these perverted ministers when they were first violated as young children or teens.

Furthermore, isn't it time we start hearing testimonies from preachers who have been homosexuals to testify about their deliverance, instead of just throwing out, preaching against homosexuality?  This same old way in COGIC and other denominations in the black church is not saving many souls from sin.

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