Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rivers Teske Shares Heaven Testimony and Her Vision of the Last Day

Rivers Teske was on Joni Lamb's talk show and shared what happened when Jesus took her to heaven. She didn't want to come back, which is what each person says when they go there.  We like to share heaven testimonies like we share testimonies of those who went to hell.  She was in a Japan and while her husband was away, she cared for her children.  After her son accidentally fell out of the window, it seem like that tragedy didn't end.  At the time, she was an opera singer and she was ready to give it up, if that's what God wanted her to do. She desired for her child to live. Years later, God answered her prayer and right now, her son's an architect.  As a pastor's wife, she experienced a vision of heaven while in prayer with other ministers with her husband, a pastor of a Lutheran church.  She saw the throne room, which is very big.  You've got to hear this wonderful testimony, so you will know God is with you.

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Source and Photo: Joni Lamb Table Talk (photo: YouTube Upload

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