Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Steve Deace Says Joel Osteen is Not the Pastor America Needs, but the Pastor We Deserve


Since America has rebelled against God's agenda for humanity and refuses to serve Him, they are absolutely getting the famed pastor they deserve, so we agree with Steve Deace.   God does not need any preacher who is very quiet.  God wants a preacher who is very direct in their sermons and when something arises against His messengers like the case with the mayor of Houston, He expects them to speak out. 

According to BlackChristianNews.com, 'While the Pastors in Houston Were Being Threatened with Persecution, Osteen Was Silent. Osteen Isn’t Preaching the Gospel. He’s Preaching Quicksand.'  God has spoken to SCR journalists that Joel Osteen does not represent God's Kingdom and we will see punishment come against him and even those connected to his ministry.  

In the meantime, we are going to leave Osteen and his wife, in the hands of God, for we know they don't have much time to repent.

Steve Deace Says Joel Osteen is Not the Pastor America Needs, but the Pastor We Deserve

 Let’s begin with a pop quiz. If I told you

 a well-known public figure did the following:

  • Repeatedly denies the main focus of the Gospel.
  • Consistently watered down and distorted Biblical teaching.
  • Believes the purpose of human life is to glorify yourself and not God.
Which side would you say such a person is on?
  • A. Heaven
  • B. Hell
The “person” in question here is none other than Joel Osteen...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:  Townhall.com

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