Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thaddeus Matthews Lies: Caught Trying To Cash In On Andrew Caldwell

The latest news is that the popular radio host was trying to cash in on Andrew Caldwell.  After this, we know longer believe or support any of Thaddeus Matthews claims.   Allegedly, he called Andrew trying to do an interview asking questions about matters that had nothing to do with his deliverance.  Now, if Matthews is dirty enough to that, how can we trust anything he says?   We know there are crooked preachers out there, but Matthews is the wrong person to call them out.

In case you didn't know, we began having questions about 2 weeks ago when we spotted an article that allegedly revealed Thaddeus Matthews saying some nasty things, which we will not repeat here.

According to, without notice Thaddeus called Andrew on his cell phone ( Andrew cell was listed on his Facebook page at the time)  and ambushed him on his television show with questions about his past and his arrest for fraud – a matter that Andrew wasn’t aware that Thaddeus knew about. Moments into the interview Andrew hung up during Thaddeus’s live broadcast – and moments after that Thaddeus made this entire ordeal his personal conquest of destruction.

In our opinion without, judgement, Matthews is a very evil man and not to be trusted on any further matters.  Eventually, Thaddeus Matthews will reap what he has sown and God will reveal it, because He takes no pleasure in those who aim to ruin one's reputation.  Furthermore, we will continue to pray for Andrew Caldwell and keep him in our prayers.   We pray God will protect him from evildoers like Thaddeus Matthews.

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