Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thank God Gospel Artist, Pastor Le’Andria Johnson Admitted She Had Sexual Relations With Over 40 Men

We thank God for using gospel artist, Pastor Le'Andria Johnson for admitting she had sex with over 40 men.  For this reason, too many women in the black church talk about other people in the pews, while covering up their own dirt, especially female preachers.   This kind of ignorance has ran a lot of black women who make mistakes away from the church, but when we look at Pastor Le'Andria Johnson we can truly see how God is using her to draw all types of women into His Kingdom.  Think about it, if she did not make her confession, how many black women in the pulpit and even in the pews would be a bold witness for Jesus Christ?   Not least Jesus has got somebody special.

We love the fact that Le'Andria Johnson is a bold witness for Jesus Christ.  How many of you saved black women are willing to be talked about, in order to tell these women who give their bodies away that Jesus Christ loves them and has not thrown them away like a lot of black folks in the church?  It does not matter how many people you slept with, God still wants to use you like Pastor Le'Andria Johnson, a gospel music legend.

Therefore, the question, 'is it time to talk about promiscuity] in the church is very old, and nobody is going to listen to that same old type of sermon.  Black women who have made mistakes in life want to hear the gospel from someone like gospel singer, Pastor Le'Andria Johnson. Women in the black church having sex with many men have been going on for years, there just has not been many black women who has the courage to give their testimony like Pastor Le'Andria Johnson.  We know God must be very tired of down low women of all sorts (whether they be ex-fornicators, ex-adulterers or ex-lesbians), not admitting their past sins and talking about others who have been delivered and set free and testify about it.

Watch around 18:44

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