Friday, November 28, 2014

Update: Pastor Mike Freeman is Making a Miraculous Recovery!!!

Praise the Lord, we just wanted to give you an update, regarding Pastor Mike Freeman's recovery.  The man of God is speaking on this following video with his wife, Co-Pastor, Lady Dee Dee Freeman about the amazing situation.  God is so good, but one of the things we paid attention to, is that the Freeman's asked us not to stop praying.  In any health situation, we agree you cannot ever stop praying. So, we just thank God for touching His body, which is a testimony of what God can do.  We know the Freeman's gave God praise, on yesterday's Thanksgiving day.

In his own words, Pastor Freeman reminds us that we can be reminded of how God powerful God is through his testimony, in any situation we are facing in our own lives.  We will continue to keep Pastor and Co-Pastor, First Lady Dee Dee Freeman in our prayers.

Watch Video

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