Monday, November 10, 2014

Woman Reveals MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!

One of our journalists already sensed in the Spirit that Monster drinks are indeed a work of Satan. At her former job, she had a supervisor who drank them all the time and was enraged with demonic spirits the entire time she was there.   Therefore, she knows this woman's revelation on this following video can't be false.   This woman on the following clip reveals that the company reveals 666 on their cans and as their logo also the company allegedly reveals their hatred for Christ, revealing anti-Christ on their logo in the name, MONSTER. Also, their slogan, 'Unleash the Beast'.  In Hebrew, long top, long tail in the letters, reveal 666. Now, let us assure you, when we saw this video last night, we didn't think it had any significance to it, because of the distraction with Myles Monroe's sudden death.  However, when we awoke this morning we took our time and read the title and had to reveal this woman's revelation about the company, here.  

If you know of anyone who drinks Monster, please forewarn them that you cannot and will not associate with them unless they stop drinking it, simply because they are demon possessed by drinking the energy drink, allegedly.   If you are drinking it, you have no business doing so, if you are a child of God, it's got too much sugar in it, anyway, which is very unhealthy.  

Furthermore, there are a lot of companies we ought not be supporting, for years, it's been a known fact that many companies are owned by Satan worshipers. since the 1970's and even before that era.

MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!! 
(Notice to all readers: SCR has nothing to do with the production of this following video nor does it belong to us)

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