Sunday, November 2, 2014

Woman Saw Hell at 17 Years Old, Jesus Told Her Hatred Could Send Her to Hell

Loretta Blasingame is a woman who died twice from a heart attack at the doctor's office. The most amazing thing, Jesus told her when she came back from heaven she would have a heart of a 13 year old.  Of course, she went to heaven, but God also revealed to her hell.  What's so scary is, she saw some of the same spiky hairdos, we see today down in hell.   

One of the things we paid attention to, Jesus Christ told her he is against any hatred we may have in our hearts.   Therefore, let us make sure we don't hate and pray for those who hold grudges against us, because we don't want to be lost nor them to be in eternal hell. Those who don't want to make things right with you, don't worry about it, just give it to God in prayer and make sure you forgive them.  God bless all of you, SCR readers.

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Source: Sid Roth
Photo: Sid Roth/Video Upload

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