Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to all SCR Readers, God bless and be safe!!

We just want to say Happy New year to all you and thanks so much for being a regular subscriber, we really appreciate you. We also want to say Happy New Year to those of you who could be just regular visitors are visiting for the first time.  We love you so much and would like to remind you, do not be depressed about what you didn't accomplish in your previous years, God has given us a chance to receive His blessings this year, in 2015.  Have faith and receive His blessings.   

It's a blessing to connect with you in 2015, because we could not be here.  Thank God, for another year!!  We love you!

Christian Student Banned From Passing Out Flyers Promoting Prayer Session at Middle School's Flagpole

About 20 years ago, we don't think a born again Christian student would be banned from a public school, just for promoting prayer.  Of course, prayer in schools was banned in 1962 by an activist by the name of Madalyn Murray O'Hair who eventually was discovered dead, according to According to, a Kansas public middle school has prevented a seventh grader from passing out and posting religious fliers inviting fellow students to join her for a prayer session at the school's flagpole before class.  In the meantime, our prayers are with this young student who is serving Christ.  God bless and Happy New Year.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby Hires Team of Investigators to look into Allegations

Anytime a famous person is falsely accused of a crime, they should hire a team of investigators to protect their assets and that's just what Bill Cosby is doing.  One by one, these female accusers have accused the legendary comedian of previous allegations of rape.  If you noticed, at first, he was very quiet and wouldn't say anything, but after his beloved wife Camille came out and spoke about her courage, he began to try and defend himself.  Now, he is being very wise to hire these investigators.

According to, Bill Cosby and his team have launched an attack on every woman who has accused him of sexual assault. Cosby is now arming himself with a team of investigators whose sole purpose is to dig up dirt on his accusers.

In the meantime, our prayers are with the Cosby family.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

A Michigan Pastor Falls Dead while preparing his Sermon at His Church

This is a very sad era for pastors, for some reason if they are not committing suicide some of them are falling dead in their churches.   Possibly, this epidemic could be, because of so much stress.  For years, we've heard being a pastor can be very stressful, because you are caring so much for other people and suppressing the issues in your own life, most of the time.  According to, Murphy collapsed while preparing his sermon at People’s Congregational United Church of Christ, longtime friend Barbara Roberts Mason said. He was rushed to a hospital but could not be revived, she said.  In the meantime, we are praying for the family of Pastor Michael Murphy.

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One of The NY Officers Shot to Death Was Studying to Become a Pastor

Many who attended Officer Rafael Ramos' funeral learned a lot of good things about him.  The late officer who was shot to death was going to lead souls to Christ through his own ministry.  This is not a good era for officers anywhere in this country and we are very sad to say, even for those who profess salvation and serve the Lord.  According to, thousands of police officers from across the nation packed a church and spilled onto streets Saturday to honor Officer Rafael Ramos as a devoted family man, aspiring chaplain and hero, though an air of unrest surrounding his ambush shooting was not completely pushed aside.  In the meantime, we will keep the Ramos family and other NY police officers in our prayers.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

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Possibly a Scam Artist Pretending to be Bishop TD Jakes Collecting Funds on Facebook!!!

The disadvantage for some ministers on Facebook is that they possibly face an imposture collecting funds. These con artists must be getting rich, or else they wouldn't keep doing it.   Maybe this is something you never considered, but this is an issue we need to pray about, simply because this problem doesn't seem to go away.  About  a year ago, we heard of a woman who was conned out of thousands of dollars and the story was on the news; she thought she was actually speaking with Bishop T.D. Jakes.  We certainly hope that Facebook and other social networking sites make a policy that prohibits people from collecting donations through their profile; this would indeed stopped this problem.

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San Diego: Gunman opens fire on pastors in church parking lot

We want to start off by saying, God works through some of the worst trials in our lives.   Two ministers of Greater Apostolic Faith Temple were chatting in a car when all of a sudden, a gunman opened fire.  The one who was shot is alive.  

According to, the victim was with another minister in a parked car, talking, when a gunman approached on foot and fired four rounds into a passenger side window, Heims said in a statement, adding that the victim was sitting in the passenger seat.

This is indeed a testimony for these two men of God.  We pray for God's protection on their lives and that the gunmen repents and totally surrenders to Jesus Christ before it's everlasting too late.

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Celebrity News: Chris Rock To Allegedly Divorce Wife Malaak Compton

Now this is just very sad news, Chris Rock and his wife are not going to divorce. They were married for about 20 years and have 2 children together.  We do not know what caused them to split, all we know is it could be final.  This breaks our hearts, just like broken marriages in the church. The saddest part is this, the majority of the black community are always outraged about racism in our country, but how can we defeat it, if there are broken marriages?  In the meantime, our prayers are with Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak Compton.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dr. Charles Stanley Allegedly Says Suicide is Pardonable in Sermon, Suicide : The Impact on Believers

Praise the Lord, we really felt the Spirit of the Lord in this sermon.   Usually, we've always believed suicide was an unpardonable sin, but Dr. Charles Stanley makes it very clear that the only sin God won't forgive is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.   Furthermore, we've heard previous testimonies of people who have allegedly experienced going to hell and witnessed people in hell for suicide.  However, of course, you cannot believe everything you hear.  The reason why we say so, is simply because one of the main people who have repeatedly gave her testimony (over the internet) about how she was in hell for 30 nights tried to scam one of our journalists out of a few thousand dollars for Thanksgiving.   Therefore, we have opened our hearts to accept Dr. Charles Stanley's sermon, regarding suicide, although he discouraged people from taking their own lives and encouraged them to trust God in every troubling situation they face in their lives.  Note: this does not give you the green light to take your own life. Again, do not test God and commit suicide, just because you realize He may forgive you after you take your own life. Please watch the sermon and allow God to bless you.  Thanks for reading SCR and Happy Holidays.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rick Warren to Deliver Mars Hill Church's Final Sermon via Video Before Megachurch Closes its Doors

This is very sad, but could be a celebration within the body of Christ that Mars Hill's Church is closing it's doors.  Why?  Simply, because if the ministry was not ordained by God in the first place, it should not go on.  As it closes, the last sermon will be delivered by the famous pastor, Rick Warren on video.  The phase of the 'megachurch' trend seems to be fading as many souls are eager for ministries of pure holiness.

According to, Saddleback Church's Pastor Rick Warren is scheduled to give the congregation at the Seattle-based Mars Hill Church, hosted at a dozen regional locations, its last sermon via video this Sunday, as the megachurch, founded and once led by Pastor Mark Driscoll, officially dissolves.

In the meantime, we pray that God leads all of the leaders into the direction of pure holiness and to be disciplined according to His guidelines.  Also, we will continue to keep Minister Mark Driscoll in our prayers.

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Iranian Pastor Who Is Spending 4th Year In Prison Says He Is ‘Free In Christ’

We appreciate this article about this Iranian pastor in prison, allegedly saying he feels free in Christ although he's in prison.  He's doing time in prison for preaching God's Word.  Many of us may not be in a physical prison, but before we met Christ, we were in spiritual bondage and Satan still tries to capture us. 

According to, Fathi, who has now been four years behind bars, was arrested and detained in Tehran's Evin Prison in December 2010 for leading a network of underground evangelical house churches. He was later on found guilty of 'acting against national security' and sentenced to six years in prison.

Yet and still, sometimes the problems we face make us feel we are oppressed by this evil world, if we are not focused on Christ.  This is why the biblical scriptures says, 'men ought to always pray and not faint,' because no matter what we go through in life, we will feel free when we have fully submitted to our Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Freedom comes from within, it does not matter about our surroundings or who convicts us.   When we are connected with Christ, it does not matter the trials and hardships in life, we are free.  For we know whenever we depart from this life, our souls will be in heaven, eternally and that's freedom.  Therefore, whatever or whoever tries to oppress us here on earth is irrelevant and will cease in due time.  

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Prophet TB Joshua invites victims of church collapse to spend the Holiday Season with synagogue members

Prophet TB Joshua invited victims of the church collapse to spend the holiday season with him.  At first, it was very disturbing news that Prophet Joshua's employees allegedly halted rescue team workers from approaching the tragic scene, it perplexed us.  However, Prophet Joshua is showing his love and consideration for the victims who survived the tragedy.  According to, the prophet has invited the families of the deceased to come and spend time out there at the synagogue with the other church members for Christmas and very importantly... the end of the year candlelight services," said church spokesman Kirsten Nematandani.  In the meantime, we will keep the victims of the church collapse in our prayer.

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Watch Rev. Alfred Smith of Full Gospel Holy Temple, Preach: "Prayer in the Time of Trouble"

Rev. Alfred Smith is the son in-law of the late Apostle Lobias Murray and has been married to Sis. Sharon-Smith.  The way he preaches reminds us of his father in-law.  Usually, we've always heard him read for the apostle, but now we finally had a chance to be blessed by him preaching this sermon, "Prayer in the Time of Trouble."  My God, this man of God really touched us and opened our eyes.  It's no time to give up, but we have to prayer if we want God to do something in our lives.   We have to pray, because that is the way we can connect with God, the One who created us, this universe and everything in it.  Rev. Smith is really on fire for the Lord and you can hear it on this following video clip. Watch him now and be blessed.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Watch Sid Roth Interview with Pat Schatzline on "Its Supernatural", Best in 2014!!!

Pastor Schatzline is one of the greatest preachers of this era.  God is using him in these last days to spread the full gospel of Jesus Christ.  He shares with us about his years as a young man and how he experienced encounters.  For example, as a child Pastor Schatzline watched an angel come to answer his Dad's prayers and hand them $700 cash in an envelope; as a teen Pastor Schatzline and his friend were out driving and could have died when a car went straight through theirs.  You have got to hear the rest for yourself; however, first realize God works miracles, but we've got to seek Him and not this world.

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Watch One of Bishop Eddie Long's Best Sermons in 2014!!!

The Lord really used Bishop Eddie Long in this sermon, 'Facing Your Giants.'  But first, we want to informed you of our new agenda for 2015.  As we've mentioned in our previous article about Bishop T. D. Jakes, God is moving us to write more articles to uplift all ministers, no matter their downfalls.   Yes, we have rebuked and prophesied the way God informed us to do so, but now, for 2015, there has been a tremendous change.  A lot of times, God uses division to mold and shift us in another direction and His way is for the world to see pastors as His messengers, regardless of their errors.  Will we blog about the latest pastor who has scandals behind his or her name?   The Lord says 'no,' unless he instructs us to do so, as we've always done to allow the Holy Spirit to speak, but God says, because of the division among bloggers, He wants SCR to be different, although He yet desires for us to be completely holy and sanctified.  As we will always continue to spread one of our favorite scriptures found in I Peter 1:16, 'Be Ye Holy for I am Holy,' God told us to uplift, totally in 2015 and we must be obedient, in full submission to the Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord, the Lord used Bishop Eddie Long in this following video, 'Facing Your Giants.'  Bishop Eddie Long spoke about David and Goliath.  Bishop Eddie Long spoke about how the enemy always likes to show off and dress up, but really, they are not big.  Sometimes, our giants are in our bloodline that we must stand up to, God has empowered us to do so.  It doesn't matter who you are or how old you are, Bishop Eddie Long lets us know God has empowered us to beat our giants, no matter who or what they are in our lives.   You automatically knock the giants out, when you praise God.  God doesn't want us to fight our giants, all comes through focusing and praise Him. Thank God for this wonderful sermon, 'Facing Your Giants' by Bishop Eddie Long. Merry Christmas SCR readers and get ready for your miracles in 2015!!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Watch One of Bishop T. D. Jakes Best Sermons in 2014, 'The Dry Places'

Many of you regular readers know we have been restructuring the way we blog, sort of.  Usually, we have not given certain preachers a chance to speak to our hearts, like celebrity preachers; however, God has been dealing with us?  Why?  Simply whenever there is division within the body of Christ, God began to deal with us to no longer agree with those who desire no unity.  You know, how the scripture says in Amos 3:3, 'How can two walk together unless they agree?' We've chosen to pray for preachers, instead of pointing out whenever they are in error.  SCR does not want to ever identify with gossiping, but uplifting men and women of God.  However, if some situation should arise that is scandal, we may not touch it, unless God instructs us to do so.  Therefore, in 2015 you will see more articles such as this one, featuring one of Bishop T. D. Jakes best sermons called: 'The Dry Places.'

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Joel Osteen “Never Dreamed” He Would Be a Minister, Encourages Others to Trust God and Be Thankful

Joel Osteen shares his thoughts on ministry and how he felt before he became a household name in the pulpit.  Also before the end of 2014, Pastor Joel Osteen encourages people not to give up on God in his own words and be grateful.  According to, Osteen, who promotes hope as his signature message in his ministry, said he believes it's important for people to be positive about life even when times are difficult. One way to do this, he said, is to be thankful every morning.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Listen to One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, 'Selling Out'

In this following audio clip, you will hear Apostle Lobias Murray preach about the story of Jacob and Esau, involving the birthright.  Apostle Lobias Murray explains how people sell their souls for profit or even for pleasures of this world.  Birthright can mean eternal life.  Some people care more about money, a job, education, a lover or anything that feels good to the feel good to the flesh,  than their souls.  Satan often speaks to the mind and tries to tempt us to sell out, because the struggle in life can be so hard.  However, ask yourselves, is it worth your soul burning in eternal fire and brimstone?  

Mark 8:36 says: 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

High School Students Given as an Assignment to Read About Islam

If a teacher was to enforce an assignment about Christianity, then his job probably would be in jeopardy.  If you notice, we don't ever hear any atheists stopping the Islamic movement within our society, allegedly. Think about it, why does it seem as though atheists do not attack Muslims?   

According to, Parents of children attending a North Carolina school are demanding to know why their children were given a vocabulary assignment that included the prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.  

We will keep you posted on any further updates about this subject.  God bless you.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hollywood News: Queen Latifah Picks Up Payroll Tab For Canceled Talk Show Employees

There's nothing like a considerate employer. Queen Latifah is doing something most employers fail to do and that is to pay her former employees, although her show was canceled.  According to, Queen Latifah is spreading holiday cheer this season. The actor/rapper is making sure employees of her soon-to-be defunct talk show have a memorable Christmas by paying the crew throughout the holidays. During the Christmas season we are very sure they are grateful to her.  We look forward to seeing what is on Queen's agenda for 2015. 

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nigerian Pastor Says Pastors Who Are Poor Are Not Divinely Called by God

This pastor from Nigeria says God did not call poor pastors.  It is very true many pastors endure financial struggle, but it does not mean they are not called to preach.  A lot of times, God uses hardships for a testimony, so they can encourage their followers to trust God in their own lives.   According to, Dr Uma Ukpai, the president and founder of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, has said poor men of God did not receive divine calling. We'll keep you posted on any further details about Dr. Ukpai's comment.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Indiana Methodist Church to Shut Down After 80 Percent of Church Members Leave Over Firing of Homosexual Choir Director

Of course, we believe God opposes homosexuality, according to His word, but He never desires for people to hate people because of their sexual orientation.  Yes, we must be holy, but to fire a choir director, because he or she is gay should not be. Why? That's not the way to win them over, that's discrimination and homophobia.  You can disagree with homosexuality, but being homophobic is wrong, because you have fear of an individual based on their personal life, which is none of anybody's business.  According to, United Methodist Church doctrine, gays are welcome but “self-avowed, practicing homosexuals” can’t “serve” the church. After Fraley was fired, about 80 percent of the congregation left, lay leader and former member David Steele said.

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2 New York Police Officers Shot ‘Execution Style’ as ‘Revenge’ for Deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown; Gunman Kills Self

This is very sad the deaths of two black men had to come to this, but an angry man opened fire on two cops, killing them and then himself.   As we told you so many times before things are getting much worse in this country and pretty soon, we won't be so diverse.  In our opinion, diversity has covered up racism, to come degree. However, the answer has always been for African Americans to seek and serve Jesus Christ and not idolize the white race.  According to, two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s execution-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

In the meantime, we pray for all people to repent and fully surrender to God before it's everlasting too late.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Pastor Daniel Obinim Stepped On Pregnant Woman Stomach

The more time we have on earth, it seems like the more craziest situations we hear about; this preacher was actually putting his footing on a pregnant woman's belly.   If a preacher is not chosen to be in his or her position, they will act out in a demonic way and do some of the most bizarre things we never even heard of before.  According to, in the video  pastor of International God’s Way Church in Ghana is seen placing his foot on the belly of the pregnant woman, and then pressing in a kicking motion for nearly a minute.  What's so crazy is, we will see preachers do certain things to offend or harm people and their followers just sit back as though it's okay.   'Lord, please clean out the pulpit and heal the minds of those who follow these insane preachers, we rebuke Satan in Jesus name!'

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Bishop Paul S. Morton and Wife, Pastor Debra Morton are Not Leaving their Ministry

We don't know how the rumor got around that they both were leaving their positions, but people thought it was true.   We are so very glad, the lovely couple are remaining pastors, because their members need them are many souls are waiting to hear the gospel.   Both preach very good sermons for Jesus Christ. According to, Bishop Paul S. Morton, he nor his wife, Pastor Debra Morton are leaving the ministry.  

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Wisconsin Pastor Julius R. Malone Shares How Prayer, God Helped Him Beat Cancer

A lot of times, we do get very tired of some pastors bragging about how they just bought the top of the line Mercedes Benz.  So this is why we are so grateful for the man of God's testimony.  Pastor Malone gives praises to God for healing him of cancer.  Pastor Julius Malone went through a trial, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, a form of cancer that most people die from. However, God answered his prayer and didn't let him down.  According to, Pastor Malone got his greatest test on living what he preaches beginning in October of 2013. Pastor Malone started having stomach pains, his doctor treated him for acid reflux but the pain would not go away.  This goes to show you, never give up on God.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chicago Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey Jr. Collapses and Dies In Pulpit While Singing Pharrell’s "Happy" Song

Another pastor has collapsed and died in the pulpit.  Do you recall what we reminded you about when the COGIC pastor from Virginia, Bishop Barnett K. Thoroughgood also died in the pulpit a few years ago?  Then there were some others who also died in the pulpit, but we cannot recall specific names.  We don't know how true it is, but Bishop Earthquake Kelley allegedly said when he had his near death experience, God told him that many pastors would die in the pulpit for seeking fame and fortune (see below video).  Now, we don't know the personal lives of these pastors, we're just saying...

According to, Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey Jr. of United Ministries passed away while preaching at the pulpit this Sunday, according to reports. The 60-year-old pastor was ministering at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago and singing Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” when he suddenly collapsed.   

This is kind of scary, he died singing a secular song.  We pray for his parishoners.

Watch Video (Stop At 3:30)

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Bishop T. D. Jakes Says Black Men Should Not Be "Tried on the Sidewalk"

Recently, Bishop T. D. Jakes is speaking out against what has been going on against black men in America.  Does it surprise you? Usually, he has made a great impact to attract a multicultural following and it seems like this is what has caused him to keep his mega-church like some other famous black pastors and televangelists. However, since the two recent tragic situations in Ferguson and New York, we don't think these celebrity black preachers like Bishop Jakes can hold back anymore.   According to, Bishop T.D. Jakes told worshipers at The Potter’s House Church in Dallas that black men should not be “tried on the sidewalk.” At Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, Maryland, choir members sang “We Shall Overcome” for worshippers wearing T-shirts that read “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe.” Men at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles stood more than four rows deep around the altar for a special blessing and message from the pastor, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake.  In the meantime, we will keep Bishop T. D. Jakes in our prayers.

Hollywood News: Actor Stephen Collins Admits to Sexual Abuse

Hollywood actor, Stephen Collins allegedly admitted he's had intercourse with underage girls in the past.  However, he allegedly says he no longer has molested any more girls.  According to, Stephen Collins, perhaps best known as his role as Reverend Camden on 7th Heaven confessed to molesting underage girls, according to The magazine has his full statement, which will hit newsstands this weekend.  We'll keep you posted on any further information, as we receive it. God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bill Clinton Says Eric Garner Shouldn't Have Been Doing Anything Illegal, but ‘Didn’t Deserve to Die’

We wonder if the majority of blacks still see Bill Clinton, the similitude of a 'black president.  Many times, we've heard some blacks say, he is a black president, regardless of his white skin, because he did a lot for black people. However, up until now, they may change their minds.   Allegedly, he said Eric Garner shouldn't have been doing anything illegal before he died, although, he did not deserve to die.  We ask you, was it necessary to discuss Garner illegally selling cigarettes on the street before he died in a chokehold and couldn't breathe?  Let us give you this example, the KKK killed many blacks, illegally, but do we have the right to kill them?

We will make sure to keep Bill Clinton in our prayers, because we think he's got a lot of black folks stirred up from his comment.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Georgia Church Posts Message Saying 'Santa Is Satan'

Of course, we've heard that we are not supposed to focus on Santa Claus as Christians, but only the birth of Jesus Christ; however, others believe Santa is Satan.  A church in Georgia, Born Again Baptist has posted a recent sign in front of their sanctuary, 'Satan is Santa'. According to, Edward Carothers, pastor at Born Again Baptist, told The Christian Post that the decision to post the message on the church sign came by decision of the congregation.  They could be possibly accurate, since so many people do not believe in Jesus, but will always celebrate Christmas and never deny Santa Claus.

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Rev. Al Sharpton Responds to Critics Who Say His Movement Doesn’t Include Enough Younger Activists

Usually, we don't defend Rev. Al Sharpton, but in this case his critics are very wrong.  We honestly feel that young activists have a choice to get out there and do it themselves, they do not need an invitation from Rev. Al Sharpton.  Furthermore, many black youth of today are into the hip hop trend and not into being activists like young people back in the day.   However, it will no doubt change and they will have no choice but to become activists as more black men are killed by police across America.  We don't want that to happen, but that's what it took years ago, the more segregated we were, the more young black people were serious about speaking their mind and fighting for their rights.

According to The Root, Sharpton is not sure who will replace him after he exits the national stage, but he said that it’s not up to him to handpick his successor. That person “has to put in the work and earn it,” he said.  

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on further information on this issue.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

Monday, December 15, 2014

3 Black Churches in Florida Vandalized With KKK Graffiti

We knew things were going to get much worst in this country, when many blacks were ignoring racism back in the 1990's and early 2000's.  Now, after Ferguson, the latest news is that there have been three churches vandalized with KKK Graffiti.  

According to, the first case was discovered last Sunday when members discovered that signs for the New Bridge Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Crawfordville were spray-painted with "KKK," the report says. A second church, Pilgrim Rest P.B. Church, was also vandalized. 

Ask yourselves, what is the answer for the majority of African Americans in the 21st Century?  Fully submit to Jesus Christ and repent for thinking it's ugly to be black and idolizing the white race for many years.  Furthermore, there are many black people who do not love and unite, but most of serve God.

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Celebrity News: Bill Cosby's wife Camille releases statement in support of husband

It's so wonderful to hear Camille Cosby speak.  We know she's been through an awful lot through the years: losing her son, having to deal with her husband's previous illness and now this mess.   There is a such a thing as innocence and we wholeheartedly support Camille, standing by her man.   According to, Camille Cosby continued that she would like to see her husband's accusers be fully vetted prior to publication of their allegations.  In our opinion, all of the women could be allegedly jealous, because they are not Mrs. Cosby and they want to drain his pocket books, so she will be left with nothing when he passes away. This type of conspiracy occurs all the time.   

In the meantime, our prayers are with the Cosby family.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Martin Luther King III says his Father Would Be Concerned About "Brutality and Misconduct Within Our Own Communities’

Of course, we did not know Dr. Martin Luther King, just the stories we've read about his life.  What we have read is that he fought for equality for African Americans and for peace within our country.  We mean no disrespect, but it seems like he was more concerned about merging blacks with whites, more than focusing on them loving themselves and each other as black people.  However, Martin Luther King III says his father would be concerned about the misconduct and brutality within our own community.  

According to, Martin Luther King III says his his father would not just be concerned about police brutality and misconduct in black communities, not just about police brutality.  

Let us ask you this question, how can there be less brutality within our own community, if we lack love and respect for one another and show more love to whites?  It seems like the legacy of the late Dr. King was to focus more on diversifying with whites, rather than uniting within the race.   It seems as though there has been more damage than good; the more diversity, the more we've become divided as a people.  This is why we say the Kingdom of God is more important without all of the racial issues. 

In conclusion, we've still got issues of AIDS, along with all of the racial issues, but there seems to be more focus on merging with whites for acceptance while there is hardly any love and respect among black people.  This is over 40 years later, after Dr. King's death.

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First AME Church of Los Angeles Joined in "Black Lives Matter"

This past Sunday, First AME of Los Angeles joined in "Black Lives Matter", along with other churches across America.  You know what's so sad about this slogan?  It makes us wonder, why didn't many blacks realize they were just as special to God as whites or other races, for over 40 years since equality?   Why do they ask the question, after history is reversing itself with racism?  Over the years, when many blacks looked at each other why didn't they think, "black lives matter", instead of resenting and bringing down each other?   Why wait until now...?  

According to , First AME Church of Los Angeles (FAME) has  joined congregations of all denominations across the country in asking parishioners to wear black clothing to church services on Sunday, December 14, to demonstrate that “Black Lives Matter.”

Deeply in our hearts, we realize God has allowed history to repeat itself for many blacks to acknowledge, He made them beautiful and equal just like any else.  He cried over the years when they did not realize they mattered just as much as Europeans, Hispanics and Asians.

Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Celebrity News: Bill Cosby Breaks Silence Explaining How Camille Has Handled Allegations

We believe all of a sudden these women coming out one by one is just a conspiracy, because Bill Cosby is getting older.  In our opinion, it seems like these victims may allegedly desire him to have a heart attack or something, so they can receive what Camille may get when he dies. There are many people who will lie just for personal gain and greed.   

If you have followed our blog and read our previous posts, we have prophesied to you and informed you of things that would come to past and it is the same for this situation.  We feel that these women are not telling the truth and all God wants Bill Cosby to do, is to seek Him and He will fight his battle against all his accusers. All of these alleged claims were allegedly years ago and none of them brought up the subject until now.  Do you recall not long ago Bill Cosby was in the hospital?  We are not stupid, we can clearly see how the enemy is trying to take Mr. Cosby down. Furthermore just because he's a celebrity does not mean he cannot serve God.   In conclusion, we admire Camille remaining quiet with her husband during this test of time.   

According to, Bill Cosby explained his wife, Camille's courage: "Love and the strength of womanhood.  Let me say it again, love and the strength of womanhood. And you could reverse it, the strength of womanhood and love."

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Effigies of black men and women found hanging on UC Berkeley campus: CA Black Churches May Continue to Cover Up Racism

The latest news in California does not surprise us, because racial tension was building up all along on some college campuses there, before Ferguson.    Effigies of black men and women have been found hanging on UC Berkeley campuses to send a clear message that racism yet exist.  For many years, many black churches that have turned into multicultural congregations have allegedly hushed up about racism in California.   

Now, we wonder what is it going to take for them be honest about racism in all parts of California?  Will Dr. Fred Price still allegedly preach who said you had to marry black?  To tell you the truth, that's what really divided black families?  You see, all of this racism within the black race is coming back to haunt us; black people thinking it's ugly to be black or even mate with black is scandalous could be part of the cause of history reversing itself, not to mention black on black crime. You ever hear the saying, 'the chickens have come home to roost?'   Some pastors of black churches had been preaching racism had ceased America because of all the diverse cultures merging with the black race; what will be their sermons now, truth or a lie?

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Celebrity News: Ewan McGregor Playing Both Jesus, The Devil in 'Last Days in the Desert' Film

In the upcoming movie, 'Last Days in the Desert', we can expect for Ewan McGregor to play an interesting role.   We give thumbs up to all the actors who play Jesus Christ, for we know most likely they face personal spiritual warfare, because of it.  Therefore, Ewan McGegor will be even more courageous to play Jesus Christ and also the Devil.  According to, McGregor said that he is "not worried" about the movie creating controversy, and said that "there's nothing possibly that could upset people [in the film], other than the very nature of imagining a story with Jesus that doesn't exist in the Scripture," he says. "There's nothing offensive. I'm not worried about it, because I believe very much in the heart of the film we made."  

We will keep you updated on the upcoming movie, 'Last Days in the Desert'.  Thanks for reading

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Assemblies of God Unites With Church of God in Christ for “Black Lives Matter Sunday”

We've always heard that there was an alleged split between the Assemblies of God and the Church or God in Christ, but every now and then, the two organizations seem to unite for a cause. This time, COGIC and AG are uniting to join in with the campaign, 'Black Lives Matter.'  According to, the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and the Assemblies of God (AG) are unified in the effort that asks churches around the country to set aside the day to pray for African American men, because of the recent controversial grand jury decisions in Staten Island, New York and Ferguson, Missouri not to return indictments against white police officers in the deaths of two black males, Eric Garner and Michael Brown.  Who would have thought that after equality for blacks over 40 years ago, we would still be struggling to unite with whites?  We suppose God is waiting on all souls to just surrender, so the ancient demon of racism will finally be defeated.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Identical Twins ‘Nobody is born gay’ billboard Stirs Controversy in Virginia

We cannot understand why some gay people are upset at this billboard.  They allegedly have billboards all over the nation and nobody says a thing.  Parents of ex-gays has the right to express their opinion to help those who desire to be helped.  There are a lot of miserable gays and lesbians who don't want to remain that way.  Therefore, why not reveal that these identical twins are not the same and can choose what they want to be, gay or straight.

According to, identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions.  If homosexuality is caused by genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is gay, the co-twin should also be gay…Because identical twins are always genetically identical, homosexuality cannot be genetically dictated. No one is born gay.

What happened to Freedom of Speech in America?  In our opinion, it's being destroyed by those who are in rebellion to God's expectations.  Another questions, could these people who are mad at this billboard be afraid it is starting to become popular to be an ex-gay person?

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

NY Church pastor sued for $6M for allegedly using a ritual to cure man’s mental illness, resulting in him losing his leg

We don't know what type of ritual this pastor did at her church, but it caused this man to lose a leg. Allegedly, Seungick Chung was mentally ill  at the time of this 'so-call' ritual.  The way this following report says Pastor Ok-Joo Shin did this guy, he very well could have died.  No where in the Bible does it say to tie anyone up. You pray and bind the demons and allow the blood of Jesus to flow through the Spirit of a person until they are loosed.  God never said to create your own rituals.   

Chung was supposed to be cured through prayer, but according to, over the course of 10 days, Chung’s wrist and knees were duct-taped to a chair or bed in the basement, apparently cutting off the blood circulation in his leg. A towel or sock was also taped over his mouth to muffle his screams at night, according to civil and criminal court papers.  Grace Road Church senior pastor Ok-Joo Shin allegedly supervised the religious cleansing of 27-year-old Seungick Chung, which only made him worse by depriving the man of his medication, according to the personal injury suit filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

In the meantime, we pray that the doors of this woman's church is permanently closed and for her to repent. Also, we pray for the victim, Seungick Chung. God is yet able to heal him of mental illness and even grow his leg back, but he must put all of his faith in God, not in man.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cops Shoot Stabbing Suspect in NYC Synagogue

Some may think this person deserved to be shot, after stabbing a student in the Synagogue; however, you have to carefully observe what's going on.  For some reason a homeless man walked into a synagogue in NY where students were up studying late at night and stabbed someone.  According to, the man walked into the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters around 1 a.m., where students had been up late studying. 

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This pastor from New Zealand evidently hates gays.  Pastor Logan Roberston said in his own words that the government should kill them.  Of course, we have previously quoted biblical scriptures that points out God does not agree with it, but the Word of God never said he wants the government to kill them.  According to, when a New Zealand reporter tried to get in touch with Logan for his side of the story, Logan declined the interview because the reporter was gay. Logan also said he wished the homosexual reporter would kill himself.  This pastor is not in the position to say such a thing, because he's not God.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gospel Artists, Pastor John P. Kee Goes Responds to a Preacher on Social Media for Criticizing Him to Feature Ex-Gay Singer Tonex at WESTA COGIC

We are so tired of these people, not opening their hearts to those who used to be homosexuals. So what, if John P. Kee featured Tonex in his gospel performance at West Angeles, COGIC? Certain people think that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin, but God loves and forgives gays and lesbians just like liars, pimps and drug dealers.   If Pastor John P. Kee wants to have an assembly of ex-gay people on stage, what business is it of this preacher (or anyone else) who criticized him?  According to, Pastor John P. Kee allegedly claimed he read “ugly commentary a preacher wrote about me” surrounding an occurrence during a Nov. 28 appearance at West Angeles COGIC, pastored by Bishop Charles Blake.  In conclusion, we need more people like Pastor John P. Kee to love people, unconditional.  Furthermore, this is why a lot of ex-gays do not even bother coming to the church to testify about their deliverance, then they began to re-evaluate if God condones how they used to be.

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Michael Sam Says He’s Got Talent but Being Gay Keeps Him Out of the Game | AT2W


Michael Sam believes he’s not on a NFL roster because of the fact he’s openly gay — telling TMZ Sports he strongly believes he’s got the talent to play in the league.

Read more at:

NFL Player Michael Sam Says He’s Got Talent but Being Gay Keeps Him Out of the Game | AT2W

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hollywood News: Ridley Scott and Christian Bale Defend All-White Casting In "Exodus"

This is an ancient issue when it comes to Egyptian/Biblical films, there have always been many racist producers and directors.   We say, if you are tired of them not picking dark races to be in their biblical films, don't watch them. This sort of reminds us of the movie, Cleopatra, allegedly, some historians say she was a black woman, but Elizabeth Taylor was chosen to play the part.  We could be mistaken, but we recall the movie, King Tut was played by a white man.

When are black people going to stop complaining and stop supporting white films?  According to, Scott defended his casting decision at an “Exodus” premiere in Brooklyn on Sunday, saying he had to assemble the “best possible cast … on a budget of this scale.” The film cost an estimated $140 million.

In conclusion, white filmmakers would not have so much power when it comes to film-making and (powerful whites other industries), if the most black people would stop being ashamed of being black and thinking it's ugly. You give them the power the more you've hated yourselves for many years.

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Allegedly, President Obama says Racism is ‘Deeply Rooted’ in American Society

We thought we would never hear our president speak against racism, because previously, he allegedly seemed to care more about homosexuals more than African Americans. However, he has shared his thoughts in his own words and we agree with him, because racism is an ancient demon that seems like it will never cease our country.  According to, President Obama said, “This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history,” He said in an interview with BET, a portion of which was released Sunday. “When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias … you’ve got to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time, and you just have to be steady so you don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there.”  

We will give you further updates on President Obama's comments about racism whenever we receive them.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Suspect in Triple Murder in Florida Caught Near Pastor James Battle's Church

Saints of God, here is an update, regarding the man who shot and killed the Florida pastor and two other victims.  Andres Avalos who killed his wife, neighbor and Pastor James Battle has been caught by police.  Allegedly, he had been hiding out in a mobile home near the church where he murdered the victims.   

According to, Pastor James Battle saw this coming," Sheriff Brad Steube said of Battle’s death. Avalos reportedly shot the 31-year-old down during a face-to-face confrontation outside the church.

Thanks for reading and God bless all of you.

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