Saturday, December 6, 2014

Amen Ra Squad Exposes the Connection with Rev. Jim Jones and Nation of Islam

You see, we have heard the type of cunning racial remarks from other white pastors over mostly black people of today.  Rev. Jim Jones was so slick to prove that he and some of his white members were actually black because of how he fought for black people. You see, this is how it starts, the manipulation and mind control.  How many times have we heard the same type of cunning remarks from some white pastors while many black people cheer them on?

Amen Ra Squad exposes not only the alleged connection between Jim Jones and the Nation of Islam, but also Elijah Muhammad.  They are discussing how could he agree to mutually bond with this cult leader who took many lives.

After listening to this audio clip and discovering Rev. Jim Jones close connection with Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, we realize we not necessarily should connect with all people of other races, if they are using race to control people.  Just because people may seem like they understand black people, we should not connect with them, especially if they are saying they are God and expecting to be idolized as though they are superior and we've seen a lot of that today.

Most of the root of the problem of black people forgetting their heritage comes from Jim Jones, this was the beginning of it, in America.  Then this mess spreads around in the black churches, mingling with mega ministries.

Listen to Audio of Amen Ra Squad Discussing Rev. Jim Jones' Connection with Nation of Islam
Note: Excuse the profanity and heated debate at toward the end of the clip.  God bless.

Source: Amen Ra Squad
Photo: You Tube Upload

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