Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bill Clinton Says Eric Garner Shouldn't Have Been Doing Anything Illegal, but ‘Didn’t Deserve to Die’

We wonder if the majority of blacks still see Bill Clinton, the similitude of a 'black president.  Many times, we've heard some blacks say, he is a black president, regardless of his white skin, because he did a lot for black people. However, up until now, they may change their minds.   Allegedly, he said Eric Garner shouldn't have been doing anything illegal before he died, although, he did not deserve to die.  We ask you, was it necessary to discuss Garner illegally selling cigarettes on the street before he died in a chokehold and couldn't breathe?  Let us give you this example, the KKK killed many blacks, illegally, but do we have the right to kill them?

We will make sure to keep Bill Clinton in our prayers, because we think he's got a lot of black folks stirred up from his comment.

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