Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bishop Eddie Long Addresses Community violence at the Bus Stop were Dead Woman Was Shot

This story instantly brought us to tears, it seems like the majority of the black race are so spiritually blind, they cannot even recognize the reason why racism and injustice yet exist.  We have a lot of blacks still killing blacks.  This young guy cared nothing about this young lady and after he shot her at the bus stop, she stumbled until she could no longer stand.  Accept it or not, Ferguson and Trayvon Martin happened because many black people just don't care about each other and this goes for all ages.  Nothing will change unless the African American race goes to the altar and admit how much they have destroyed their own kind and immediately repent.  

Bishop Eddie Long marched with his flock to the site where 19 year-old Marcaysia Dawkins was shot in Lithonia.  There, they all prayed with him that the violence stop. We must say that is the pure love of Jesus Christ in Bishop Long; usually we would expect him to only cater to young men who die before their time.

This young lady didn't die, because of a white supremacist, she died because of a young black thug who cared nothing for her life.  Instead of getting a job, he took what she had and when she tried to stop him, he shot her dead, no excuse.  We wish there was a way we could have him in his jail cell surrounded with photos of the KKK as a reminder, because like a lot of other black people, he is very similar to the white organization.  Furthermore, it's very selfish for civil rights activists to mostly complain about black men getting gunned down by police while some of them kill black females.

In a way, the majority of black people are living a lie, they are acting as though whites are the only killers and there is so much love among black people, but not so.  If this thug were the victim, and the police officer was the killer, then his family would probably expect the entire race to rally behind his death.  No doubt, they would expect a rally like in Ferguson with Sharpton and Jackson shouting from the top of their lungs.

We pray for this young guy's soul and may Marcaysia Dawkins rest in peace.

Just look how Merritt took Dawins life

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