Sunday, December 14, 2014

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby Breaks Silence Explaining How Camille Has Handled Allegations

We believe all of a sudden these women coming out one by one is just a conspiracy, because Bill Cosby is getting older.  In our opinion, it seems like these victims may allegedly desire him to have a heart attack or something, so they can receive what Camille may get when he dies. There are many people who will lie just for personal gain and greed.   

If you have followed our blog and read our previous posts, we have prophesied to you and informed you of things that would come to past and it is the same for this situation.  We feel that these women are not telling the truth and all God wants Bill Cosby to do, is to seek Him and He will fight his battle against all his accusers. All of these alleged claims were allegedly years ago and none of them brought up the subject until now.  Do you recall not long ago Bill Cosby was in the hospital?  We are not stupid, we can clearly see how the enemy is trying to take Mr. Cosby down. Furthermore just because he's a celebrity does not mean he cannot serve God.   In conclusion, we admire Camille remaining quiet with her husband during this test of time.   

According to, Bill Cosby explained his wife, Camille's courage: "Love and the strength of womanhood.  Let me say it again, love and the strength of womanhood. And you could reverse it, the strength of womanhood and love."

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