Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby Hires Team of Investigators to look into Allegations

Anytime a famous person is falsely accused of a crime, they should hire a team of investigators to protect their assets and that's just what Bill Cosby is doing.  One by one, these female accusers have accused the legendary comedian of previous allegations of rape.  If you noticed, at first, he was very quiet and wouldn't say anything, but after his beloved wife Camille came out and spoke about her courage, he began to try and defend himself.  Now, he is being very wise to hire these investigators.

According to TheRoot.com, Bill Cosby and his team have launched an attack on every woman who has accused him of sexual assault. Cosby is now arming himself with a team of investigators whose sole purpose is to dig up dirt on his accusers.

In the meantime, our prayers are with the Cosby family.

Source and Photo: TheRoot.com

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