Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dr. Charles Stanley Allegedly Says Suicide is Pardonable in Sermon, Suicide : The Impact on Believers

Praise the Lord, we really felt the Spirit of the Lord in this sermon.   Usually, we've always believed suicide was an unpardonable sin, but Dr. Charles Stanley makes it very clear that the only sin God won't forgive is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.   Furthermore, we've heard previous testimonies of people who have allegedly experienced going to hell and witnessed people in hell for suicide.  However, of course, you cannot believe everything you hear.  The reason why we say so, is simply because one of the main people who have repeatedly gave her testimony (over the internet) about how she was in hell for 30 nights tried to scam one of our journalists out of a few thousand dollars for Thanksgiving.   Therefore, we have opened our hearts to accept Dr. Charles Stanley's sermon, regarding suicide, although he discouraged people from taking their own lives and encouraged them to trust God in every troubling situation they face in their lives.  Note: this does not give you the green light to take your own life. Again, do not test God and commit suicide, just because you realize He may forgive you after you take your own life. Please watch the sermon and allow God to bless you.  Thanks for reading SCR and Happy Holidays.

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Source and Photo: In Touch

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