Saturday, December 13, 2014

Effigies of black men and women found hanging on UC Berkeley campus: CA Black Churches May Continue to Cover Up Racism

The latest news in California does not surprise us, because racial tension was building up all along on some college campuses there, before Ferguson.    Effigies of black men and women have been found hanging on UC Berkeley campuses to send a clear message that racism yet exist.  For many years, many black churches that have turned into multicultural congregations have allegedly hushed up about racism in California.   

Now, we wonder what is it going to take for them be honest about racism in all parts of California?  Will Dr. Fred Price still allegedly preach who said you had to marry black?  To tell you the truth, that's what really divided black families?  You see, all of this racism within the black race is coming back to haunt us; black people thinking it's ugly to be black or even mate with black is scandalous could be part of the cause of history reversing itself, not to mention black on black crime. You ever hear the saying, 'the chickens have come home to roost?'   Some pastors of black churches had been preaching racism had ceased America because of all the diverse cultures merging with the black race; what will be their sermons now, truth or a lie?

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