Saturday, December 6, 2014

Family of late NY Victim, Akai Gurley Wants Rev. Al Sharpton to Stay Away.

 Akai Gurley's mother Sylvia Palmer Photo: Paul Martinka

You see, Rev. Al Sharpton must have told off on himself, because the family of the guy who was accidentally shot to death by a cop, allegedly claims he was not there when they expected him to be.  Now that everything is almost over, evidently Rev. Sharpton is ready to show off, but the family will not allow him to do so. 

Years ago, there was an alleged similar case when Sharpton had a waiting list and never returned a phone call to a woman who claimed she was facing racism at a college in Sacramento.

According to, Gurley’s relatives told Sharpton to stay away rather than turn the somber ceremonies into a spectacle.

“It’s been a nightmare,” Gurley’s aunt, Hertencia Petersen, told The Post. “He just wants to take credit for this when he’s never even contacted my sister [Gurley’s mother].

“Who made you the spokesperson of our family? We just want to bury our nephew with dignity and respect.”

In the meantime, our prayers are with Gurley's family. 


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