Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gospel Artists, Pastor John P. Kee Goes Responds to a Preacher on Social Media for Criticizing Him to Feature Ex-Gay Singer Tonex at WESTA COGIC

We are so tired of these people, not opening their hearts to those who used to be homosexuals. So what, if John P. Kee featured Tonex in his gospel performance at West Angeles, COGIC? Certain people think that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin, but God loves and forgives gays and lesbians just like liars, pimps and drug dealers.   If Pastor John P. Kee wants to have an assembly of ex-gay people on stage, what business is it of this preacher (or anyone else) who criticized him?  According to EmpoweringEverydayWomen.com, Pastor John P. Kee allegedly claimed he read “ugly commentary a preacher wrote about me” surrounding an occurrence during a Nov. 28 appearance at West Angeles COGIC, pastored by Bishop Charles Blake.  In conclusion, we need more people like Pastor John P. Kee to love people, unconditional.  Furthermore, this is why a lot of ex-gays do not even bother coming to the church to testify about their deliverance, then they began to re-evaluate if God condones how they used to be.

Source and Photo: EmpoweringEverydayWomen.com

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