Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pastor Greg Laurie on End Times: ISIS May Fulfill Bible Prophecy

Pastor Greg Laurie may have a point about ISIS fulfilling Bible prophecy. The reason why we say this is because years ago, we saw a movie about Christians being harrased to accept the Mark of the Beast or face getting their heads chopped off.  This is why we say beware of some Islamist trying to fellowship in our American churches and forcing us to believe they are one of us.  Many of them are constantly trying to believe us into thinking they can get into heaven through their way, when Jesus already informed us in His Word that He is the only way.  Also, beware of 'so-called' Christians like Oprah allegedly saying there are many paths.  If that were so, why are these people cutting Christians heads off for allegedly believing in Christ?  

According to, Harvest Ministries Pastor Greg Laurie points to ISIS' be-headings and various acts of Islamic terrorism against the Western world and Jews as signs that the Church is indeed living in the last days.   

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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