Monday, December 8, 2014

Hollywood News: Ridley Scott and Christian Bale Defend All-White Casting In "Exodus"

This is an ancient issue when it comes to Egyptian/Biblical films, there have always been many racist producers and directors.   We say, if you are tired of them not picking dark races to be in their biblical films, don't watch them. This sort of reminds us of the movie, Cleopatra, allegedly, some historians say she was a black woman, but Elizabeth Taylor was chosen to play the part.  We could be mistaken, but we recall the movie, King Tut was played by a white man.

When are black people going to stop complaining and stop supporting white films?  According to, Scott defended his casting decision at an “Exodus” premiere in Brooklyn on Sunday, saying he had to assemble the “best possible cast … on a budget of this scale.” The film cost an estimated $140 million.

In conclusion, white filmmakers would not have so much power when it comes to film-making and (powerful whites other industries), if the most black people would stop being ashamed of being black and thinking it's ugly. You give them the power the more you've hated yourselves for many years.

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