Saturday, December 20, 2014

Indiana Methodist Church to Shut Down After 80 Percent of Church Members Leave Over Firing of Homosexual Choir Director

Of course, we believe God opposes homosexuality, according to His word, but He never desires for people to hate people because of their sexual orientation.  Yes, we must be holy, but to fire a choir director, because he or she is gay should not be. Why? That's not the way to win them over, that's discrimination and homophobia.  You can disagree with homosexuality, but being homophobic is wrong, because you have fear of an individual based on their personal life, which is none of anybody's business.  According to, United Methodist Church doctrine, gays are welcome but “self-avowed, practicing homosexuals” can’t “serve” the church. After Fraley was fired, about 80 percent of the congregation left, lay leader and former member David Steele said.

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