Saturday, December 27, 2014

Iranian Pastor Who Is Spending 4th Year In Prison Says He Is ‘Free In Christ’

We appreciate this article about this Iranian pastor in prison, allegedly saying he feels free in Christ although he's in prison.  He's doing time in prison for preaching God's Word.  Many of us may not be in a physical prison, but before we met Christ, we were in spiritual bondage and Satan still tries to capture us. 

According to, Fathi, who has now been four years behind bars, was arrested and detained in Tehran's Evin Prison in December 2010 for leading a network of underground evangelical house churches. He was later on found guilty of 'acting against national security' and sentenced to six years in prison.

Yet and still, sometimes the problems we face make us feel we are oppressed by this evil world, if we are not focused on Christ.  This is why the biblical scriptures says, 'men ought to always pray and not faint,' because no matter what we go through in life, we will feel free when we have fully submitted to our Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Freedom comes from within, it does not matter about our surroundings or who convicts us.   When we are connected with Christ, it does not matter the trials and hardships in life, we are free.  For we know whenever we depart from this life, our souls will be in heaven, eternally and that's freedom.  Therefore, whatever or whoever tries to oppress us here on earth is irrelevant and will cease in due time.  

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