Saturday, December 6, 2014

Listen to Audio Rev. Jim Jones Talk About the Nation of Islam Protecting Him

We were shocked to not only hear Rev. Jim Jones talk about how the Nation of Islam protected him back in the day, but also the photos as alleged proof.  Just listen to how he was very cunning to make his black followers believe he was one of them.   Also, we could not believe the head over the organization could not see that this man was not in his right mind before leading his followers to commit suicide. 

Rev. Jim Jones was so evil, how is it that he and the black Muslims were enemies and then he got them to protect him?  He was a very cunning man, because if he could turn the Muslims from not liking him into them protecting him, that's pure mind control.

We really think if Rev. Jim Jones was living today, he probably would connect with a lot of these pastors of mega ministries.  Just look at how many black people are so easy to follow them?  Therefore, the way a lot of these black pastors network with white and other races in the ministry, they probably would be so easy to partner with Rev. Jim Jones if he were alive today.  Just look at how a lot of them associate with P. White and her ex, Bishop Randy White, Joel Osteen, Ron Carpenter, and the list goes on and on...
At that time in the 20th century, didn't the Nation of Islam know something was wrong with this cult leader who actually thought he was God?

Listen to Rev. Jim Jones Talk about being Friends with the Black Muslims

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