Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Listen to One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, "Is There Another Way?"

The late Apostle Lobias Murray blessed us with another sermon, "Is There Another Way?"  He covers how the church has been going another way as though they can enter into the Kingdom of heaven. He points out that holiness is no longer preached within the average church.  God is not going to change his rules to combine with this world.  Preachers are no longer preaching holiness and have ignored the scripture, 'Be Ye holy for I am holy (I Peter 1:16).'   Jesus also said he that come after Him must deny himself (Matthew 16:24).  Many people within the body of Christ no longer want to live holy, they no longer want to live God's way nor do they desire to worship God in a holy fashion.  A lot of these people want to merge the ways of unclean people into the church, but there is no other way to be as children of God.  God said in His Word, if we are not living our lives God's way, we won't enter the Kingdom of heaven.  We must be different, there is no other way.

Listen to Apostle Murray's Sermon, "Is There Another Way?"

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