Sunday, December 14, 2014

Martin Luther King III says his Father Would Be Concerned About "Brutality and Misconduct Within Our Own Communities’

Of course, we did not know Dr. Martin Luther King, just the stories we've read about his life.  What we have read is that he fought for equality for African Americans and for peace within our country.  We mean no disrespect, but it seems like he was more concerned about merging blacks with whites, more than focusing on them loving themselves and each other as black people.  However, Martin Luther King III says his father would be concerned about the misconduct and brutality within our own community.  

According to, Martin Luther King III says his his father would not just be concerned about police brutality and misconduct in black communities, not just about police brutality.  

Let us ask you this question, how can there be less brutality within our own community, if we lack love and respect for one another and show more love to whites?  It seems like the legacy of the late Dr. King was to focus more on diversifying with whites, rather than uniting within the race.   It seems as though there has been more damage than good; the more diversity, the more we've become divided as a people.  This is why we say the Kingdom of God is more important without all of the racial issues. 

In conclusion, we've still got issues of AIDS, along with all of the racial issues, but there seems to be more focus on merging with whites for acceptance while there is hardly any love and respect among black people.  This is over 40 years later, after Dr. King's death.

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