Thursday, December 11, 2014

NY Church pastor sued for $6M for allegedly using a ritual to cure man’s mental illness, resulting in him losing his leg

We don't know what type of ritual this pastor did at her church, but it caused this man to lose a leg. Allegedly, Seungick Chung was mentally ill  at the time of this 'so-call' ritual.  The way this following report says Pastor Ok-Joo Shin did this guy, he very well could have died.  No where in the Bible does it say to tie anyone up. You pray and bind the demons and allow the blood of Jesus to flow through the Spirit of a person until they are loosed.  God never said to create your own rituals.   

Chung was supposed to be cured through prayer, but according to, over the course of 10 days, Chung’s wrist and knees were duct-taped to a chair or bed in the basement, apparently cutting off the blood circulation in his leg. A towel or sock was also taped over his mouth to muffle his screams at night, according to civil and criminal court papers.  Grace Road Church senior pastor Ok-Joo Shin allegedly supervised the religious cleansing of 27-year-old Seungick Chung, which only made him worse by depriving the man of his medication, according to the personal injury suit filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

In the meantime, we pray that the doors of this woman's church is permanently closed and for her to repent. Also, we pray for the victim, Seungick Chung. God is yet able to heal him of mental illness and even grow his leg back, but he must put all of his faith in God, not in man.

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