Friday, December 19, 2014

Pastor Daniel Obinim Stepped On Pregnant Woman Stomach

The more time we have on earth, it seems like the more craziest situations we hear about; this preacher was actually putting his footing on a pregnant woman's belly.   If a preacher is not chosen to be in his or her position, they will act out in a demonic way and do some of the most bizarre things we never even heard of before.  According to, in the video  pastor of International God’s Way Church in Ghana is seen placing his foot on the belly of the pregnant woman, and then pressing in a kicking motion for nearly a minute.  What's so crazy is, we will see preachers do certain things to offend or harm people and their followers just sit back as though it's okay.   'Lord, please clean out the pulpit and heal the minds of those who follow these insane preachers, we rebuke Satan in Jesus name!'

Watch Video

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