Monday, December 1, 2014

Pastor Juan McFarland Pleaded The 5TH When Ask If He Stole Money And Slept With Members

Pastor Juan McFarland faced court on yesterday, pleading the 5th Amendment when asked certain questions.  Possibly, Pastor McFarland feels he has the right to remain the pastor of his church, because he honestly admitted his wrongdoings.  One of the most important things to remember, is that God is in charge and He has the power to place or remove any pastor, it's up to Him.  It doesn't matter about the previous sin of an individual, because we did not create Pastor McFarland nor do we have power over his soul.

According to, Juan McFarland testified in court on Monday for the first time since his dispute with his own Baptist church led to his ouster in October.  But when it came to answering questions that McFarland had misused church money and slept with church members, McFarland pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Juan McFarland in our prayers, including the church members of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  We encourage you to pray for this man, because we could be in his predicament.  God always wants us to have mercy within the body of Christ as when we bowed down before the throne of God asking Him to forgive us for whatever sin we may have committed in our own lives.  Again, Pastor McFarland is not like a lot of other pastors who refused to admit what they did was wrong, He boldly confessed it, before his congregation.

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