Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Watch One of Bishop T. D. Jakes Best Sermons in 2014, 'The Dry Places'

Many of you regular readers know we have been restructuring the way we blog, sort of.  Usually, we have not given certain preachers a chance to speak to our hearts, like celebrity preachers; however, God has been dealing with us?  Why?  Simply whenever there is division within the body of Christ, God began to deal with us to no longer agree with those who desire no unity.  You know, how the scripture says in Amos 3:3, 'How can two walk together unless they agree?' We've chosen to pray for preachers, instead of pointing out whenever they are in error.  SCR does not want to ever identify with gossiping, but uplifting men and women of God.  However, if some situation should arise that is scandal, we may not touch it, unless God instructs us to do so.  Therefore, in 2015 you will see more articles such as this one, featuring one of Bishop T. D. Jakes best sermons called: 'The Dry Places.'

Watch Video

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