Saturday, December 27, 2014

Watch Rev. Alfred Smith of Full Gospel Holy Temple, Preach: "Prayer in the Time of Trouble"

Rev. Alfred Smith is the son in-law of the late Apostle Lobias Murray and has been married to Sis. Sharon-Smith.  The way he preaches reminds us of his father in-law.  Usually, we've always heard him read for the apostle, but now we finally had a chance to be blessed by him preaching this sermon, "Prayer in the Time of Trouble."  My God, this man of God really touched us and opened our eyes.  It's no time to give up, but we have to prayer if we want God to do something in our lives.   We have to pray, because that is the way we can connect with God, the One who created us, this universe and everything in it.  Rev. Smith is really on fire for the Lord and you can hear it on this following video clip. Watch him now and be blessed.

Watch Video

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