Saturday, January 31, 2015

ISIS Beheads Second Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto, Obama Condemns 'Heinous Murder'

It's so sad, we are living in such a crazy age when rebels are beheading people, just for not following their movement, allegedly.  We want you to know that Jesus Christ is coming back very soon.  Whenever we witness such tragedies and many people in our very own country still won't fully submit to Jesus Christ, there is a demonic spirit that is taking over the minds of people.  According to, the hardline Islamist group, which controls large parts of Syria and Iraq, released a video which seemed to show the beheaded body of Goto and threatened further attacks on Japanese targets. Japanese Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said the video appeared to be genuine. May God rest this victim's soul.

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Celebrity News: Whitney Houston's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unresponsive

For some reason, we felt Bobbi Kristina Brown was going to have a difficult time after her mother's biopic came out on the big screen.  We thought it would not be good, especially after she was allegedly denied a main role.   Brown went through enough emotional distress, after losing her mother, Whitney Houston.  According to, Brown, 21, "was not breathing" when her husband and a friend found her around 10:25 a.m. at a townhouse in a Roswell subdivision, police spokeswoman Lisa Holland said.  Thank God Jesus alive and breathing again. In the meantime, we will keep Bobbi Kristina in our prayers.

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Pastor James David Manning Allegedly Admits Previous Temptation with the Homosexuality While in Prison

Pastor James David Manning did not deny he was allegedly attracted to the same sex while in prison, in Florida.  He says he saw a lot, but did not yield to temptation. At least we can say, he told the truth, because there are a lot of preachers who will preach against homosexuality, but never admit their deliverance.  According to, during the interview with Turks, when asked if he’d personally experienced same-sex attraction during his incarceration, Manning said there was “no doubt about it,” but quickly clarified that he “didn’t yield to temptation.”  In the meantime, we will keep Pastor James David Manning in our prayers.

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Watch Sarah Jakes Roberts Preach, "Cover Up"

First lady Sarah Jakes Roberts speaks about how we go through things in life, because God wants to use us.  Praise the Lord, God will still use us, no matter the difficulties in our past.  God will be with us, regardless if we have ran away from doing His will. God uses bad things that happen in our lives to help other people, there is a blessing coming from our past painful experiences in life, but we have to allow God to heal us, so we can help other people.   Watch Sarah Jakes Roberts encourage you today.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Missouri Women Robbed at Gunpoint on Their Way to Church

It's very sad that there are still some black people in St. Louis choosing to be criminals, after the tragedy of Michael Brown.  There were even more black men who were gunned down there after his death.  However, these young black guys who robbed some women on their way to church must not be moved by cops killing black men.  They have also been robbing other victims across town. If one of these black men go gunned down by the cops, then their families would possibly expect more rallies over their deaths.

According to KMOV, three women were robbed at gunpoint on their way to church in mid-January and authorities say the incident is only a small part of a string of armed robberies by the same crooks.  

In the meantime, we will keep these church women in our prayers and pray that these young criminals repent before it's everlasting too late.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stevie Wonder’s Speech at Andrae Crouch’s Funeral Upset Some People

We don't understand why some people were offended by Stevie Wonder's comment about racism, at Pastor Andrae Crouch's funeral.  In all due respect, when many gospel artists have not separated their affiliation from secular artists, it should not surprise us what their friends of the world within secular music industry may say.  Stevie Wonder is not a part of the church, but because he has been used of acquainting himself with some big people in the gospel music industry, he may have felt he could say anything and it not bother anyone.  

According to, “Stevie Wonder took the opportunity to say that Obama’s goal of inclusiveness was largely thwarted because of hatred towards him because of his skin color,” a source told FOX411. “And that he supports freedom of speech, but we should make laws against people criticizing religion.”

We highly respect the late pastor and gospel artist, Andrae Crouch, but let's be truthful, he was not totally separate from the world, he was also good friends with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Would they have been upset if Michael Jackson would have made the same comment?  Let's be honest and be real.

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Utah family of five focusing ‘apocalypse’ died in murder-suicide

It is evident, that the signs of the world coming to an end is near. We've seen it with gay marriage: we seen it with discussions about the microchip being implanted into every human being, we've seen it with many African Americans yielding with other cultures to worship the beast, selling their souls to the Devil 666, we've seen it in mega-churches where the cross is being replaced with the globe and we've seen it with many children living their lives as adults in all sorts of ways.  We could go on and on, but let us assure you there is no reason to commit a murder-suicide. God wants us to endure this world, regardless of what we see and hear and if we live a holy life, we will be ready when Jesus Christ comes back for us in the rapture.

Now, we don't know where this father, Benjamin Strack thought he was going after killing himself, because according to the, he had toxic levels of heroin in his system.

According to the, after dark on Sept. 27 last year, a Springville, Utah, teen returned home with his girlfriend. On a normal evening, he would have seen his parents and three siblings. But that night, he couldn’t find anyone. He couldn’t hear anything. And when he went to his parents’ bedroom, he couldn’t open the door.

Let us not be afraid of the world coming to an end, but let get closer to Jesus Christ and ask Him to take away the fear as the sign of the times continue.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby Allegedly Accused of Drugging and Raping Hollywood Executive

We're going to say it again, 'we don't believe it.'  Why would all these women come out around the same time, many years later, it just doesn't even seem right?  Also, we're in an era when many blacks have been racially attacked by some whites, just look at how black men are getting killed by some cops for no reason.  Let's use our heads again, these women could be thinking big dollar bills, because not too long ago Mr. Bill Cosby was ill.  Think about it, if he passes away, all his millions goes to his wife, Mrs. Camille Cosby.  You think these women want that???  According to, Philanthropist and former entertainment executive Cindra Ladd wrote an op-ed on Monday accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping her back in 1969. The embattled comedian has now been accused of rape, sexual assault or drugging by approximately 30 women, with many of them only coming forward in recent months.  After while, we may see a segregated Hollywood when the famous black celebrities, began to realize there are racists people who don't care about them, and they are still black just like average African Americans around this country, (which was always the case since they broke ground there many years ago).  All these years of many blacks idolizing white America, when they should of been worshiping and seeking God, just look at where it's brought us in the 21st century.

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Pastor Zondo Publicly Apologizes To His Congregation for allegedly being nude on video!!

We know God appreciates whenever any man or woman of God admits and apologizes for what they have done. However, we question if Pastor Zondo had not of been caught, would he have apologized? All we can say is, apologies coming from the pulpit does not occur all the time, rather a minister gets caught or not.  According to, the pastor was trending on Twitter after his apparent nude video went viral on social media. The video left most of his followers shocked, and others blaming this on Satan. The video of the divorced pastor was allegedly taken by a woman who was with him in his lounge  In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Zondo in our prayers.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

At Movement Day Greater Dallas, Pastors Say Racial Reconciliation Must Start With Churches

We sort of agree, but also disagree, simply because the plea to reconcile among blacks and whites been going on since the civil rights movement back in the 1960's and if it hasn't worked yet, it may never work.   Too many black pastors have built their mega ministries, which is nothing but a lot of diversity, but fail to see what is going on within the black community. So, therefore, may African Americans are yet divided not just within their families, but also within their marriages, then the children began to resent being black and following their parents bad habits of denying who they are.  Jesus Christ does not only want all races to reconcile, but it won't work not unless, black people learn how to reconcile among themselves, which has been a failure since our ancestors were freed from slavery.   The more this diverse strategy is taught, the more black people will divide and that's something God doesn't want.  He wants love and unity among black people and then, that's when there will be reconciliation among all races, but not until African Americans stop hating themselves and each other, first.


Dr. Freddie Haynes III Will Be in a Revival with Pastor Melvin V. Wade, Sr.and Dr. John Adolph This Coming February

Dr. Freddie Haynes III will be in a revival, along with two other prominent men in the ministry, Pastor Melvin V. Wade, Sr.and Dr. John Adolph Specifically, Dr. Haynes has been ministering the Word of God for many years now.  Although, he has allegedly defended President Obama affirming same sex marriage to a certain degree, God has been using him to win more souls than ever before at his church in Dallas, Friendship Baptist Church.   According to, this upcoming event will be at Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles. The services begin on Sunday, February 1, at 6:30 p.m. and continue through Wednesday, February 4 with worship each day at 12 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.  Dr. Adolph will preach during the day and Dr. Haynes will be the evening speaker.

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Watch Pastor Andrae Crouch Preach One of His Best Sermons ' Appreciate What God Has Done'

Many of you may not have heard legendary gospel artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch preach.  Of course, he was just not a gospel singer, great piano player and composer, but-he was also a man of God.  Pastor Andrae Crouch was the pastor of New Christ Memorial Church in San Fernando California, along with his twin sister, Pastor Sandra Crouch.  Pastor Andrae Crouch was born in San Francisco California in 1942, and died on January 8, 2015 in Northridge, Los Angeles, CA

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Watch Prophet Brian Carn Preach at Pastor Rod Parsley's Church

We want to start off 2015 by giving you a Word from the Lord.  As we've told you before, we've decided to no longer be like some other bloggers who refuse to hold up men and women of God, regardless of their flaws.  We must be led by the Spirit and will only rebuke when God tells us to do so, but very minimal, because God told us this year, He's going to do a new thing, and one of those things is, getting more souls saved through SCR.  We want to be different, we want to be holy, so the world can see the light of Jesus Christ.  Now, just watch this anointed sermon preached by the man of God, Prophet Brian Carn at Pastor Rod Parseley's church.

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Celebrity News: Lee Daniels Is Using ‘Empire’ to Shine Light on Homophobia in the Black Community

Of course, we do believe it is a sin to be a homosexual, according to the below scriptures, but we have to agree that being homophobic is a whole different thing. In order to win homosexuals to Christ, you cannot be afraid of them.  There have been some Christians who resent homosexuals so much, they immediately pull their kids away when they walk into a room, we have seen it time after time.  In order for homosexuals to began to see that it is a sin to be gay or lesbian, then the truth is we must end homophobia, because to be homophobic is not love.  The successful filmmaker, Lee Daniels exposes homophobia among black people in his new Fox series, "Empire".  However, According to, Actor, producer, and director Lee Daniels (pictured), who is known for his uncompromising body of film work, is reportedly using his new Fox series “Empire” to expose the serious problem of homophobia that he feels is running “rampant” in the Black community, according to the Huffington Post.  We will keep you updated on the new Fox series, as we receive further news.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

Biblical Scriptures against Homosexuality 
  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 

  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Dexter King and Martin Luther King III at Least Drop One Lawsuit Against Their Sister Bernice King

After Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, it's a wonderful thing to acknowledge that the King children are coming together.  Possibly, there Dad's holiday brought reconciliation, Dexter and Martin Luther King III have dropped one lawsuit against Rev. Bernice King.  According to, the estate of Martin Luther King Jr. has dropped a lawsuit against the King Center days before the trial was set to begin.  In the meantime, we will keep the King family in our prayers.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Celebrity News: Malcolm-Jamal Warner Speaks Up on Allegations Against Bill Cosby

It's so wonderful to know, that most of the Cosby kids on the previous show are on Bill Cosby's side.  Malcolm-Jamal Warner allegedly admitted that all of these allegations against his TV Dad is hurting him, in his own words.  According to, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who most fans know as Theo from “The Cosby Show,” recently nabbed his first Grammy nomination, and in an interview with Billboard, he spoke about the allegations against Bill CosbyIn the meantime, we will keep Mr. Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille Cosby in our prayers.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ex-Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran Speaks at Church on Sunday, Saying ‘God Intended for a Man and a Woman to Procreate’

After the ex-fire chief, Kelvin Cochran was fired in Atlanta, he is yet being bold in his message opposing homosexuality. Repeatedly, we are in a battle over the issue, but think about it, it's a spiritual battle between God and the Devil.  Therefore, we've come to realize the only way we can help this ongoing controversy is to fast and pray, not only that, but learn how to win people by loving them. Let us be more clear, we and speak out about homosexuality all we want, but love conquers all, not saying Cochran doesn't love gays, all we are saying is this, there are a lot of Christians who are very cruel while dealing with the issue of homosexuality and in order for homosexuality to become unpopular again is to give and show more love and then, just maybe some homosexuals will began to listen and agree that God intended for man and woman to be together.  Another thing, the fight between a lot of men and women must stop, we have a lot of division about men and women, even within the (black) church and (black) families.  There are a lot of men and women offending each other to the core, they have driven them into same sex relationships.  According to, on Monday at the commemorative Martin Luther King Jr. Day service, Reed spoke to the controversy surrounding his recent firing of Cochran.  In the meantime, we will keep you updated on Kelvin Cochran as we receive more details.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

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Biblical Scriptures against Homosexuality 
  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 

  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

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Watch One of Bishop TD Jakes Best Sermons, 'Secret Agents of Change'

In this specific video, you will hear Bishop T. D. Jakes preach a sermon like we've never heard before.  He really hits the soul and it seems as though he knows you personally, because there were certain points made in the sermon that we could identify with in our lives.   We want to encourage you, just because you may have obstacles in your life as though you can never rise, God will raise you up, once you realize you can conquer defeat, no matter what it is or no matter who it comes through.  Really saints of God, this video of Bishop T. D. Jakes sermons really stirred our souls so much, it seemed like heaven on earth when he got finished.   You will realize there is nothing in your life you cannot overcome, it doesn't matter how bad the situation may seem, you can rise above it all once you learn the 'Secret Agents of Change'. You've got to hear it for yourself!!  Watch and be blessed and enjoy!

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FL-Bradenton Pastor murdered in his home

This is very sad, this is the second pastor in Florida who has been shot and killed in about 2 months.  Now, in this case of Pastor 57-year-old Anthony Shinholster we don't know why someone would take his life, all we know is another man of God is gone before his time is such a tragic way. According to, friend called 911, and deputies and emergency personnel responded to Shinholster's home on the 3100 block of 61st Avenue E. Deputies secured the residence, and Shinholster was pronounced dead at 1:12 a.m.  May God rest
57-year-old Anthony Shinholste's soul. 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrity News: New Orleans Saints’ Ben Watson Tackles Racism With the Bible

NFL player, Ben Watson evidently has no shame about his walk with God and that's a wonderful thing in this era.  The only way to deal with racism really, is through God's Word and fully committing ourselves to Jesus Christ, there is no other way.  Therefore, God is using Ben Watson to give a precise message that racism will never die without acknowledge who God is and fully serving Him.  According to, the 11-year NFL veteran has been in the spotlight recently for a candid Facebook post he wrote following the “Ferguson decision.” However, Watson is perhaps best-known for a play he made as a New England Patriot in the 2005 AFC Divisional Game against the Denver Broncos. Following an interception in the end zone by an opponent, Watson ran an estimated 120 yards to stop the player at the one-yard line, preventing a touchdown. Before taking the Vines Center stage, a brief video featuring the play was shown, drawing cheers from the crowd.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Celebrity News:Bill Cosby Accepted at California Love at Recent Stand-Up Show

As we've given you our opinion before, we still remain supportive of Mr. Bill Cosby, simply because it is very suspicious that many years later, so many accusers are coming out around the same time. We feel since there has been various racial issues in our country, (specifically against black men), this famous black man is being targeted, especially since we've learned there was an alleged claim that Beverly Johnson lied, (read previous article, here.) Furthermore, the fact that Cosby was allegedly ill, makes it seem like these accusers could be waiting to get the assets that would be willed to his family, if he happened to pass away.  According to, Bill Cosby hasn’t lost all his fans amid the recent allegations of sexual assault and drugging by more than 20 women. Many of his fans are either reading this site or attended his most recent show in Turlock, Calif.  We will keep you posted for further updates. Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Pastor Robert Jeffress Allegedly Says ‘The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Was a Fraud, But Heaven Is Not

Pastor Robert Jefferess of Dallas Texas makes it so clear, just because the young co-author Alex Marlarkey did not tell the truth about going to heaven, it does not mean it doesn't exist. As we've previously reminded you too, there are other people who have actually been to heaven and back and we do not doubt their stories.  According to, Alex Malarkey – the young co-author of The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven – retracted his story, stated in an open letter that he was lying when he and his co-author (his father, Alex) wrote of his experiences of going to heaven after a car accident and a subsequent two-month coma. Malarkey and his mother stated the bestseller was a fraud – and as a result, many Christian bookstores have shipped their copies back to the publisher, Tyndale House.  We will keep you posted on any further updates about this article, God bless you.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Colton Burpo Says His 'Heaven Is for Real' Story is True

Just because someone may admit their story was not true or-possibly you may find out they did not tell the truth about their heaven or hell experience, it doesn't mean that it's not possible with others.  Furthermore, it's nothing but the enemy to find out someone didn't tell the truth about their trip to heaven, because too many people are losing their souls and may not serve Christ, just because of one lie.  This young boy allegedly says his visit to heaven was very real and Colton Burpo gives out a clear message about the love of Jesus Christ. 

According to, Colton Burpo, the subject of the book-turned-movie "Heaven is for Real," says he stands by his story and that Jesus "really, really loves you," just days after another boy, Alex Malarkey, who had also claimed to have visited heaven and had a book based on his experience, revealed that he lied.   

Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Bishop Kenneth Ulmer to Officiate, Pastor Marvin Winans to Eulogize Gospel Artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch's Funeral

There will be prominent ministers and popular gospel artists paying their respects at the legendary gospel artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch's funeral.  His home going will be held at West Angeles COGIC.  According to, funeral services for AndraĆ© Crouch will be held Tuesday, Jan. 20, and Wednesday, Jan. 21, and will include appearances and performances by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Yolanda Adams, Shirley Caesar, and many others, a rep for the late singer announced Friday.  We will keep you updated, in the meantime, God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Celebrity News: Lolo Jones Ask Fans to Join a 3 Week I Rebuke You Satan Fast

Wow, it's wonderful to know about this child of God who is not afraid to announce she desires for her fans to join her in fasting for 3 weeks. Lolo Jones, along with Olympic wrestler, Jordan Burroughs started this fast is called, 'I Rebuke You Satan.'  We've never heard of any sort of famous athlete or any other type of celebrity making it known that they fast or even oppose the Devil in any way.  According to, Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones and Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs are encouraging eligible athletes from across the country to join them at the 2015 State Games of America (SGA) in Lincoln, July 28–Aug. 2. Jones and Burroughs will appear at the opening ceremonies and host events for 2015 SGA competitors. Let's join them.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Detroit Minister Sues Michigan’s Governor Over Law that Punishes Pastors for Homosexual Wedding Ceremonies

Evidently, in Michigan, it's against the law to marry gay and lesbian couples, but a pastor in Detroit is filing a lawsuit.  As far as we know, Michigan is about the only state in America that punishes pastors for performing gay weddings.  Of course, God has  greater punishment, if we do not follow His Word.  According to, Rev. Neil Patrick Carrick, a former pastor at United Church of Christ, filed the lawsuit this week. The state law says that clergymen can be fined if found guilty of performing same-sex wedding ceremonies in their religious institutions.  In the meantime, we will keep Rev. Neil Patrick Carrick in our prayers and pray that he seriously seeks God about his decision.

Biblical Scriptures against Homosexuality 
  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 

  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.



Saturday, January 17, 2015

Celebrity News: David And Tamela Mann Reveal Why They're Doing Reality TV After Years Of Declining

For years, we have seen this famous couple in Tyler Perry's stage plays and TV sitcoms, but now David and Tamela Mann have made the decision to do a reality TV show.  For the Mann's, it should be very interesting to see what goes on in their personal lives.  However, some married couples have broken up, after appearing on their on reality show, we pray this won't be the case with this lovely couple.  According to, the Manns had offers to cross over into reality television and decided against doing so. However, David, 48, explained the thought process behind working with BET on "It's a Mann's World." In the meantime, we will continue to keep David and Tamela Mann in our prayers.  Thanks so much for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Photo: BET Network 

Watch Bishop TD Jakes Preach Sermon,'Removing The Barriers of Destiny NEW 2015 Sermon'

This sermon by Bishop T. D. Jakes is really going to bless you.  Bishop Jakes preaches about how God allows some people to discomfort, attack, and betray you, in order to shift your circumstances, so you can experience the life He wants for you to live.  In order to grow and be the person God had designed, we've got to put away childish things, it does not matter for how long we have been doing it, but we can no longer be childish in order to grow in life.   This year in 2015, we must realize in order to receive God's blessing, we must not be shocked about who mistreats or how bad we are mistreated.  Also, you are going to learn that you must make changes in order to receive your blessed destiny this year.  It does matter what discomfort you may face, you must be prepared to make changes so that you can receive the blessings of God.  You must accept a thought process that is in full submission to God's way, and not according to what pleases you or others.

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Historic Celebration and Retirement For Founder and Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.!

This time it seems like it's no longer a rumor, Bishop Paul Morton will be retiring from ministry.  Of course, we don't know why, but possibly he's taking precaution, because so many ministers have passed away, due to being over stressed, taking care of others and not themselves.  According to, there will be an historic celebration and retirement for our Founder and Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr.  There will be prominent people like Pastor Kimberly Ray, Bishop Noel Jones, Gospel Artist, Bishop Rance Allen, Bishop Charles Blake and many others.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebrity News: Beverly Johnson’s Ex-Manager Says She Lied about Meeting With Bill Cosby

Here's the latest on what's going with Bill Cosby, Beverly Johnson's ex manager allegedly says she lied, regarding meeting with Bill Cosby.  Now, we have been telling you all along that we don't believe any of the stories, simply because any time you have a person or a group of people coming together and the person they are accusing is rich, you better know 99 out of 100, they are after that person's money.  This could be one year or many years later, it doesn't matter people can plan conspiracy to retrieve wealthy anytime.  Just because these are women, does not mean they are telling the truth.  As we pointed out before, Bill Cosby was ill not too long ago, allegedly, and these women seem to be slick, so we don't think they would want Camille and his family to get his assets, if he should pass away.  So, Johnson's manager is telling the truth, we do believe.  According to, Don Gibble is speaking out. Gibble told The Daily Caller that former model and client Beverly Johnson, who also claims that Cosby allegedly drugged and assaulted her, lied about her meeting with the media tycoon.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bishop Joseph Walker III Says Death of First Wife to Cancer Shook His Faith

Bishop Joseph Walker expresses what happened after his wife died.  For those of you who are going through a painful trial in your life, just take heed to what this man of God is going to share with you.  He explains in his own words how difficult it was to trust God.  According to, the spiritual leader for the humongous Mt. Zion Baptist Church, the man who lit the path for 29,000 members, was himself lost. Bishop Walker, at one point, wanted to tear up his own Bible.  In the meantime, we will continue to keep Bishop Walker in our prayers, he is yet a man of faith.  God bless all of you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Colorado church refuses to hold funeral for lesbian woman after dispute over ‘affectionate’ photos, Part II

Note: Let us first say, this Part I of this article, has caused quite a stir, so we decided to create a Part II of our why we felt that the funeral of this late lesbian woman should have occurred in God's House.

Now, Vanessa Collier died at the young age of 33 years old. She was somebody's daughter, not just a wife to another woman.  Therefore, we have to see it, the way God sees it.   If they would have allowed her funeral to occur with the affectionate photos, then that would have been the opportunity to have an altar for all the homosexuals who arrived to pay their respects to repent.  That funeral would have won many souls to Jesus Christ.   Now, we are finished, if you don't understand, we don't problem with it, but that's the way we see it.  Too many souls are being lost, over this one alleged sin, homosexuality and it's time to use a strategy to win those who are a part of it.  Furthermore, for those of you who are a part of the mega church movement who don't know what an altar is, an altar call is a for people to come up to the altar and repent for every evil deed they have done in their lives.  Her life could have been a testimony for those to finally come to Jesus before it's everlasting too late.  Final and nothing more to say.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Colorado church refuses to hold funeral for lesbian woman after dispute over ‘affectionate’ photos

This is hurting to us, because although we agree with the Word of God against homosexuality, we still care for all people.  We don't think God wants any church denying a gay or lesbian person's funeral.  Now, our source allegedly claims that this church refuses to hold funeral services for 33 year-old Vanessa Collier, because there were some affectionate pictures shown.  

 According to, Vanessa Collier, 33, died in December and her funeral service was scheduled at New Hope Ministries in Lakewood, Colo., on Jan. 10. But shortly before the service was set to begin, New Hope’s Pastor Ray Chavez discovered that the family’s memorial video contained photos of Collier kissing her wife. However, sincerely believe if this is what the family wanted, let it be and let God be the judge.   

The woman had to face judgement in front of the throne of God, no one has a heaven or hell to put her in.  Therefore, a church can oppose homosexuality and even preach against it, in our opinion, but they don't have a right to reject a funeral, because she was married to a woman and showing affection to her on the photos, that's going too far.  Too many people of all races are guilty of not loving all sorts of people, unconditional and this is what's hurting our country; to tell you the truth, this is why a lot of people don't have anything to do with the church.  That's not how you win people to Christ.  Thanks for reading and God bless.

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Photo: Washington Post

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Watch One of Bishop T. D. Jakes Best Sermons in 2014, 'The Journey'

Please take time to listen to one of Bishop TD Jakes best sermons back in 2014.  He preaches about how we as Christians are rejected by our people, the very ones who should be there for us, but God allows us to endure rejection for a reason.  He wants us to move forward toward our destiny as we are constantly persecuted by those who reject us.  In life, we try to escape storms, but God knows our destiny and if we didn't have a purpose, then we would endure so much adversity.  We must understand what is behind our challenges in life.  Bishop Jakes goes onto explain in his own words, sometimes, other people may seem like they are doing better than us, but God allows us to avoid certain storms for that season to protect us.  However, eventually storms may come our way, because it is our season to move toward our destiny.  You have to endure storms in order to be a great leader, such storms are persecution, rejection and so much pain that will form us into God's ideal man or woman.  You've got to hear this sermon and get ready to go through your journey in 2015 with God's power.

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Watch Eva Gegeny's Heaven Testimony, a Glorious Journey with Jesus Christ

Of course, there are a lot of hell testimonies, but we ought to also acknowledge the testimonies of those who have been to heaven.  Eva Gegeny took a journey to heaven and had a glorious experience with Jesus Christ.   As she shares her story, open up your hearts and whatever challenges you are facing, please realize there are only for a season.   Don't worry about the cares of this life, turn it over to Jesus and look forward to going to heaven, a place that is so much better than this world where there is so much evil.  

God bless you and thanks for reading SCR. 

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Christian Florist Can Lose Personal Assets for Declining Gay Wedding Due to 'Relationship With Jesus,' Judge Rules

Although, we are suppose to love all people, our Christian values are being threatened in America.   Barronelle Stutzman is at risk for losing her assets, because she refused to do the floral arrangement for a gay couple's wedding.  According to, Benton County Superior Court Judge Alex Ekstrom ruled last week that the state may bring a consumer protection lawsuit against Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene's Flowers in Richland, as she is being accused of violating the Consumer Protection Act when she declined to provide floral arrangements to a regular customer's same-sex wedding because it went against her Christian beliefs.  In the meantime, we will keep Barronelle Stutzman in our prayers.

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(Photo: Alliance Defending Freedom)

Gospel Artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch Tribute Concert and “Celebration Service” at West Angeles COGIC

There will be two special services at West Angeles Cathedral COGIC for this late great legend, Pastor Andrae Crouch.  The first one will on Tuesday January 20, 2015 between 4pm – 6pm
and the Tribute Concert will be between 7pm – 9pm.  On Wednesday, January 21, 2015 there will be a 'Celebration Service' between 11am – 3pm.   Of course, you know, God blessed us with such a gifted soul here on earth and He shared unique songs like no other gospel artist.  May Pastor Andrae Crouch rest in peace.

Atlanta Mayor Denies Firing Chief Kelvin Cochran Because of Christian Beliefs

Of course, when the truth starts to come out, some people never admit it.  Allegedly, the mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed denies he had anything to do with Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran losing his job, because of his opposition to homosexuality.  Of course, everyone has their own opinion about same sex relations, but it's wrong to fire anyone because they don't see your point of view.  

According to, during a news conference to announce the firing, Reed emphatically denied Cochran lost his job over his religious beliefs. Reed insisted he relieved the fire chief of his command because of what amounted to insubordination, saying, “This has nothing to do with his religious beliefs. It has everything to do with the decision to publish a book, with the contents of this book, without talking to your boss. Period.”  

We will keep you posted on any further information about this case, whenever we receive it.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Watch Bishop TD Jakes Sermon, '2015 IS YOUR YEAR'

On this following video, Bishop TD Jakes talks about leaving the old year behind and he makes the point through this sermon, '2015 Is Your Year'.  A lot of times, before we enjoy a brand new year, we must realize that failures in our lives are necessary and it does not mean that we will not progress in 2015.  Sometimes, it may seem like God is not answering your prayer this year, but it does not mean He's not going to work it out and does not hear you.  God sees your future this year and wants you to trust Him, no matter the trials that may come.   Bishop Jakes makes the point that the battle is always in our minds, it's never in our circumstances.  We must control our thinking this year and make a constant to decision to turn our battles over to God.   Then, Bishop Jakes reminds us that it does not matter what bad things people say about us, it matters what we think about ourselves, we control our destiny through the power of God.  He says we can have a New Year, but it means nothing is we don't have a new mind. Let us constantly ask God to renew our minds this year.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

Source and Photo: YouTube Upload

Bishop T. D. Jakes to Host Conference to Heal Racism in America at The Potter's House, Jan 15 2015!!!

We were listening to Bishop T. D. Jakes anointed sermon this morning and happened to hear him announce and show on the big screen, The Reconciled Church.  This Conference will be at The Potter's House of Dallas, 6777 W Kiest Blvd. Dallas Texas.  Don't you recall Bishop Jakes has been speaking about about this issue in our country, regarding racism.  Bishop T. D. Jakes is inviting us to come to the headquarters, so we cannot just discuss this matter among guest panelists, but for anointed men and women of God to rebuke this demon that has been causing conflict in America.  Be there.  

Furthermore, let's be reminded this is a spiritual issue and if black people don't love each other, then it will be difficult for other races to love and respect us.  Prejudice is really an issue among our people, and the answer is full surrender to Jesus Christ, then comes love and unity.

Source and Photo:

Watch One of Bishop TD Jakes Best Sermons in 2014, 'God Stopped It!!'

Now God really moved on this sermon when Bishop TD Jakes preached, 'God Stopped It.'  He teaches us how God is in control in our lives and we don't have time to waste.  Because of His goodness, we could be gone.  So many people we knew are no longer here with us, whether they are in jail or died at an early age.  There was so many times God protected us, because He had His angels in charge over our lives.  Once we repented, God stopped destruction.  We owe God to keep being obedient to His will and do everything He instructs us to do and He will bless us or else don't expect His wrath to come against us.  

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Source: You Tube Upload, The Potter's House

Bill Winston’s Living Word Christian Center Celebrates 25 Years of Ministry

Pastor Bill Winston and his lovely wife, First Lady Veronica Winston are celebrating 25 years in the ministry.  God has brought them both from a long ways, it has been 25 years since they started in a store front.   Many souls have been saved through their ministry and yet following them.  According to, Living Word Christian Center turns 25 this year. During that time, Pastor Bill Winston’s congregation has grown from a storefront church at 7306 Madison into a 20,000 member mega church which, through a legal entity called Forest Park Plaza LLC, owns the Forest Park Mall.  In the meantime, time we will continue to keep the Winston's in our prayers.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cora Jakes Coleman Blesses Us with Purpose Back to Life for 2015

Cora Jakes Coleman encouraged us back in December, in preparation for 2015. After watching Cora Jakes Coleman's video, we were reminded that we must endure pressure, in order for change to come.  In order for our purpose to happen, we must go through certain things in life that may not feel good, but it does not mean it's not coming.   Cora reminds us that if the enemy is not fighting us, then we are not doing anything, which is so true.  Cora uses the example of Nehemiah, the child she always wanted and how God reminded her what she must go through, in order for her miracle to take place.  It is so true, when Minister Coleman reminded us that many times, we may remain dormant and do not go forth with the vision God is given us, because of fear, and the truth is, you will never see purpose, if you do not go forth.   Whether it's a child, dream or purpose, we must go through difficulties so our lives can prove God is real and will produce a positive outcome, if we just hold on.

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Source, Photo and Video: Cora Jakes Coleman YouTube Channel

How to Leave the Past Behind in 2015 and Follow Jesus Christ: Watch Bishop T. D. Jakes 'Let it Go, Forgiveness!!!

For 2015, we want to encourage those of you who have been tested already by some who refuse to leave the past behind.  It's time to move on and enjoy the good life God gave us. There are too many people in the cemetery who cannot get up and do it all over again. So, regardless of those who want to bring up old dirt and not move towards love and unity, we must make a decision and follow Jesus Christ.  You have no time to beg people to come with you, if you have to go with Christ all by yourself, then do it. Remember, you have a choice to be miserable with them or free with Jesus Christ.  Don't let anything hold you back in 2015!!

On this following video, Bishop T. D. Jakes talks about not dealing with petty issues and growing up in order to go onto the next level in our lives.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Source and Photo: YouTube Upload

Why Do A lot of Black People Still Hate and Kill Each Other After Losing So Many People with AIDS


It hurts so much to write this article, but the truth must be told. There is an ancient demon within the black race and it's called hatred and hatred kills. Why is it that many black people will not let go of the past and refuse to love each other, even after AIDS has took many lives of black men, women and children? You must ask yourself, why is it that there are many black women who still resent each other in the 21st century, even after acknowledge that either they have lost someone close to them with AIDS or the black woman they hate has lost someone with AIDS? Why is it that many black women may even have the disease...Read full article, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women, 2nd Edition
Photo: Photo: 

Bishop OC Allen Enters Sanctuary While Preaching on a Horse, Very Adventurous!!!

Thanks to The Old Black Church, or else we wouldn't have known about Bishop OC Allen entering his sanctuary on a horse.  We suppose other pastors who are over mega ministries have some of the most silliest plots on their stage in their grand churches, we see no harm with Bishop OC Allen making a point of what he's saying, by riding on this horse.  All we can say is, he seems like one of the most kindest pastors of the century and offends no one.  At least he's not bringing a bed into the church, talking about sex like a lot of other preachers we know of who oppose homosexuality.  In the meantime, we are going to keep Bishop O C Allen and those who follow him, in our prayers. 

Oklahoma pastors plan church hoodie protest

There will be some ministers joining Rev. Jesse Jackson, wearing a hoodie in the pulpit, instead of their clergy robes.  Well, a lot of them who are sophisticated preachers of mega ministries have dropped their clergy robes in this era anyway, but to wear hoodies is much different.  According to, the Rev. Jesse Jackson will wear a hooded sweatshirt instead of his usual preacher’s robe when he steps into the pulpit of his northeast Oklahoma City church on the Sunday before the Jan. 19 federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.  We will keep you updated on this news as we receive it.  Thanks so much for reading SCR and God bless you.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Legendary Gospel Artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch Passes Away at 72

Legendary gospel artist, Pastor Andrae Crouch has went home to be with God.   As many of you know, he had been sick and his twin sister, Sandra was asking for everyone to pray and have faith.  However, God knows best.  According to, the 7-times Grammy Award winner died at around 4:30pm on Thursday at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in the Los Angeles area. In the meantime, we are praying for Pastor Andrae Crouch's twin, Sandra Crouch.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

Source and Photo:

Some Christians Are Upset With Bishop Jakes For Addressing The Racial Divide In America!

According to our source, there were some hateful comments on Facebook, regarding Bishop T. D. Jakes addressing the racial divide in America.  This is possibly because he has been known to allegedly cater to a lot of whites in his congregation and also possibly to some of those whites who support his ministry, in general.  Usually, Bishop T. D. Jakes has been known to focus on multiculturalism.  However, we agree a change must come, in order to turn things around in America when it comes to racism and that could mean some famous black pastors of mega churches finally addressing the issue.

Source and Photo:

Atlanta Fire Chief Allegedly Says He was fired because of my Christian faith

One thing, we would like for Christian African Americans to realize is that we are living in an era when you are not going to be mistreated just because you are black, but also because of your Christian morals.   There are some unsaved black people who will help white gays to persecute you and make sure you endure hardships, which may cost you your job or education.  In this case of Kelvin Cochran, he lost his job as a fire chief in Atlanta for expressing his opinions about homosexuality in his book he wrote for a men’s Bible study group at his Baptist church.  According to, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced Tuesday that Cochran had been fired. The announcement came on the same day Cochran was supposed to return to work following a 30-day suspension.   In the meantime, we will keep Kelvin Cochran in our prayers.  Furthermore, there are a lot of blacks who are going to burn in hell for going against God's Word.


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