Sunday, January 25, 2015

At Movement Day Greater Dallas, Pastors Say Racial Reconciliation Must Start With Churches

We sort of agree, but also disagree, simply because the plea to reconcile among blacks and whites been going on since the civil rights movement back in the 1960's and if it hasn't worked yet, it may never work.   Too many black pastors have built their mega ministries, which is nothing but a lot of diversity, but fail to see what is going on within the black community. So, therefore, may African Americans are yet divided not just within their families, but also within their marriages, then the children began to resent being black and following their parents bad habits of denying who they are.  Jesus Christ does not only want all races to reconcile, but it won't work not unless, black people learn how to reconcile among themselves, which has been a failure since our ancestors were freed from slavery.   The more this diverse strategy is taught, the more black people will divide and that's something God doesn't want.  He wants love and unity among black people and then, that's when there will be reconciliation among all races, but not until African Americans stop hating themselves and each other, first.


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