Sunday, January 4, 2015

Atheists Demand Troy University Apologize for Saying Belief in God Is Essential for Democracy to Work

There seems to be a demon of slavery when it comes to Atheists trying to destroy the freedom of Christians to serve God.   This time, some atheists are demanding for the school officials to apologize for sending a message to students that belief in God is necessary for democracy to work.  There is always a group of atheists that are always out to stop the work of Jesus Christ, but we as Christians must plead the blood against them, which will make them powerless.

According to, a national atheist organization is demanding that the chancellor of Troy University in Alabama apologize for sending a 98-second video to students that says Democracy works in America not because of government enforcement or because people believe they're accountable to society, but because they know they're "accountable to God."

In the meantime, let us love and unite while praying against any demonic force that is trying to take away the rights of Christians to speak the truth about our religious beliefs.

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