Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Atlanta Mayor Denies Firing Chief Kelvin Cochran Because of Christian Beliefs

Of course, when the truth starts to come out, some people never admit it.  Allegedly, the mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed denies he had anything to do with Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran losing his job, because of his opposition to homosexuality.  Of course, everyone has their own opinion about same sex relations, but it's wrong to fire anyone because they don't see your point of view.  

According to Joy105.com, during a news conference to announce the firing, Reed emphatically denied Cochran lost his job over his religious beliefs. Reed insisted he relieved the fire chief of his command because of what amounted to insubordination, saying, “This has nothing to do with his religious beliefs. It has everything to do with the decision to publish a book, with the contents of this book, without talking to your boss. Period.”  

We will keep you posted on any further information about this case, whenever we receive it.

Source: Joy105.com

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