Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrity News:Bill Cosby Accepted at California Love at Recent Stand-Up Show

As we've given you our opinion before, we still remain supportive of Mr. Bill Cosby, simply because it is very suspicious that many years later, so many accusers are coming out around the same time. We feel since there has been various racial issues in our country, (specifically against black men), this famous black man is being targeted, especially since we've learned there was an alleged claim that Beverly Johnson lied, (read previous article, here.) Furthermore, the fact that Cosby was allegedly ill, makes it seem like these accusers could be waiting to get the assets that would be willed to his family, if he happened to pass away.  According to TheRoot.com, Bill Cosby hasn’t lost all his fans amid the recent allegations of sexual assault and drugging by more than 20 women. Many of his fans are either reading this site or attended his most recent show in Turlock, Calif.  We will keep you posted for further updates. Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

Source and Photo: TheRoot.com

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