Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cora Jakes Coleman Blesses Us with Purpose Back to Life for 2015

Cora Jakes Coleman encouraged us back in December, in preparation for 2015. After watching Cora Jakes Coleman's video, we were reminded that we must endure pressure, in order for change to come.  In order for our purpose to happen, we must go through certain things in life that may not feel good, but it does not mean it's not coming.   Cora reminds us that if the enemy is not fighting us, then we are not doing anything, which is so true.  Cora uses the example of Nehemiah, the child she always wanted and how God reminded her what she must go through, in order for her miracle to take place.  It is so true, when Minister Coleman reminded us that many times, we may remain dormant and do not go forth with the vision God is given us, because of fear, and the truth is, you will never see purpose, if you do not go forth.   Whether it's a child, dream or purpose, we must go through difficulties so our lives can prove God is real and will produce a positive outcome, if we just hold on.

Watch Video

Source, Photo and Video: Cora Jakes Coleman YouTube Channel

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