Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dr. Earl Carter and Minister Andrew Caldwell Come Together For a Revival!!!

Prophet Earl Carter has came together with Minister Andrew Caldwell to give a message of deliverance.  Praise the Lord, now this is a real revival, not your average sophisticated conference that is just out to get money.  We pray many souls are saved, delivered and set free.   Too many souls are leaving here, ever second and the average black preacher is not taking it serious, but it is time to put those who have been delivered from homosexuality up to not only testify about their deliverance, but to also preach God's Word.  We are so tired of the average black pastor ashamed to put people up who want to tell how God delivered them from being a gay man or a lesbian.  This demon of embarassment is not just within the average mega church, but also in the 'so-called,' holiness church, many of these pastors do not believe a person can be saved and set free from homosexuality.   So, if you are in Muskegon, MI, don't miss this service at Holy Trinity Church COGIC. This service will be between January 11th and 12th.   

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