Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Leave the Past Behind in 2015 and Follow Jesus Christ: Watch Bishop T. D. Jakes 'Let it Go, Forgiveness!!!

For 2015, we want to encourage those of you who have been tested already by some who refuse to leave the past behind.  It's time to move on and enjoy the good life God gave us. There are too many people in the cemetery who cannot get up and do it all over again. So, regardless of those who want to bring up old dirt and not move towards love and unity, we must make a decision and follow Jesus Christ.  You have no time to beg people to come with you, if you have to go with Christ all by yourself, then do it. Remember, you have a choice to be miserable with them or free with Jesus Christ.  Don't let anything hold you back in 2015!!

On this following video, Bishop T. D. Jakes talks about not dealing with petty issues and growing up in order to go onto the next level in our lives.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

Watch Video

Source and Photo: YouTube Upload

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