Saturday, January 3, 2015

KKK billboard says, 'It's not racist' May Prove America Was Never a Christian Nation

Of course, this billboard is very painful for us black Christians to see; however, it's even more painful to acknowledge that our people are yet divided and hate being black.   We live in a very twisted era that not only reveals that there are yet a lot of blacks who hate each other as we are now moving toward segregation in America, but-billboard by the KKK reveals that America may not have ever been a Christian nation to begin with.   The fact that this nation had started with slave-masters dragging Africans off a slave ship and forced them to adopt European ways reminds us that those who were so proud of their white skin also claimed to be Christians.  The ones who put up this billboard may think they are more loved by God because they are white, not so.  Just because there are many blacks who resent who God created them to be, it doesn't give racists whites to flaunt their pride.

On TBN, Jan Crouch allegedly always brags that this country was built on our founding fathers who were Christians.  Really Jan? Then where did the KKK come from and why are they still here?

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