Thursday, January 29, 2015

Utah family of five focusing ‘apocalypse’ died in murder-suicide

It is evident, that the signs of the world coming to an end is near. We've seen it with gay marriage: we seen it with discussions about the microchip being implanted into every human being, we've seen it with many African Americans yielding with other cultures to worship the beast, selling their souls to the Devil 666, we've seen it in mega-churches where the cross is being replaced with the globe and we've seen it with many children living their lives as adults in all sorts of ways.  We could go on and on, but let us assure you there is no reason to commit a murder-suicide. God wants us to endure this world, regardless of what we see and hear and if we live a holy life, we will be ready when Jesus Christ comes back for us in the rapture.

Now, we don't know where this father, Benjamin Strack thought he was going after killing himself, because according to the, he had toxic levels of heroin in his system.

According to the, after dark on Sept. 27 last year, a Springville, Utah, teen returned home with his girlfriend. On a normal evening, he would have seen his parents and three siblings. But that night, he couldn’t find anyone. He couldn’t hear anything. And when he went to his parents’ bedroom, he couldn’t open the door.

Let us not be afraid of the world coming to an end, but let get closer to Jesus Christ and ask Him to take away the fear as the sign of the times continue.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

Photo: The Old Black Church 

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