Saturday, January 17, 2015

Watch Bishop TD Jakes Preach Sermon,'Removing The Barriers of Destiny NEW 2015 Sermon'

This sermon by Bishop T. D. Jakes is really going to bless you.  Bishop Jakes preaches about how God allows some people to discomfort, attack, and betray you, in order to shift your circumstances, so you can experience the life He wants for you to live.  In order to grow and be the person God had designed, we've got to put away childish things, it does not matter for how long we have been doing it, but we can no longer be childish in order to grow in life.   This year in 2015, we must realize in order to receive God's blessing, we must not be shocked about who mistreats or how bad we are mistreated.  Also, you are going to learn that you must make changes in order to receive your blessed destiny this year.  It does matter what discomfort you may face, you must be prepared to make changes so that you can receive the blessings of God.  You must accept a thought process that is in full submission to God's way, and not according to what pleases you or others.

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