Sunday, January 11, 2015

Watch Bishop TD Jakes Sermon, '2015 IS YOUR YEAR'

On this following video, Bishop TD Jakes talks about leaving the old year behind and he makes the point through this sermon, '2015 Is Your Year'.  A lot of times, before we enjoy a brand new year, we must realize that failures in our lives are necessary and it does not mean that we will not progress in 2015.  Sometimes, it may seem like God is not answering your prayer this year, but it does not mean He's not going to work it out and does not hear you.  God sees your future this year and wants you to trust Him, no matter the trials that may come.   Bishop Jakes makes the point that the battle is always in our minds, it's never in our circumstances.  We must control our thinking this year and make a constant to decision to turn our battles over to God.   Then, Bishop Jakes reminds us that it does not matter what bad things people say about us, it matters what we think about ourselves, we control our destiny through the power of God.  He says we can have a New Year, but it means nothing is we don't have a new mind. Let us constantly ask God to renew our minds this year.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

Source and Photo: YouTube Upload

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