Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Watch One of Bishop T. D. Jakes Best Sermons in 2014, 'The Journey'

Please take time to listen to one of Bishop TD Jakes best sermons back in 2014.  He preaches about how we as Christians are rejected by our people, the very ones who should be there for us, but God allows us to endure rejection for a reason.  He wants us to move forward toward our destiny as we are constantly persecuted by those who reject us.  In life, we try to escape storms, but God knows our destiny and if we didn't have a purpose, then we would endure so much adversity.  We must understand what is behind our challenges in life.  Bishop Jakes goes onto explain in his own words, sometimes, other people may seem like they are doing better than us, but God allows us to avoid certain storms for that season to protect us.  However, eventually storms may come our way, because it is our season to move toward our destiny.  You have to endure storms in order to be a great leader, such storms are persecution, rejection and so much pain that will form us into God's ideal man or woman.  You've got to hear this sermon and get ready to go through your journey in 2015 with God's power.

Watch Video

Source and Photo: You Tube Upload/ThePottersHouse.org

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