Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Watch One of Bishop TD Jakes Best Sermons, 'Secret Agents of Change'

In this specific video, you will hear Bishop T. D. Jakes preach a sermon like we've never heard before.  He really hits the soul and it seems as though he knows you personally, because there were certain points made in the sermon that we could identify with in our lives.   We want to encourage you, just because you may have obstacles in your life as though you can never rise, God will raise you up, once you realize you can conquer defeat, no matter what it is or no matter who it comes through.  Really saints of God, this video of Bishop T. D. Jakes sermons really stirred our souls so much, it seemed like heaven on earth when he got finished.   You will realize there is nothing in your life you cannot overcome, it doesn't matter how bad the situation may seem, you can rise above it all once you learn the 'Secret Agents of Change'. You've got to hear it for yourself!!  Watch and be blessed and enjoy!

Watch Video

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