Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Apostolic Pastor Teaches Followers How to Be Holy, Be Baptized in Jesus Name and More!

Dr. Rader Johnson is one of the fewest preachers within the Apostolic church that is sticking with the original doctrine.  He talks about how many within the denomination have fallen away from what is the truth.   Many pastors and first ladies are more worldly then ever and mingling with those who are not Apostolic.   Dr. Rader Johnson allegedly says you must be baptized in Jesus name and speak in tongues in order to make it to heaven, because the Word of God says in John 3:5: 'Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God..'  Now how many of us have really paid attention to the scripture?  Dr. Johnson does have a point?

When you really think about it, a great fallen away has not just been in the Apostolic church, but also in the COGIC, AME and baptist denominations..., allegedly.  Like never before, we've seen a lot of other denominations mingling with worldly people and not holding on to what their forefathers and fore-mothers taught them and that's how to be holy and totally distinct from the world.  However, Dr. Rader Johnson allegedly says, that Apostolic is the only way, because the Bible points that out.   So, we are asking you, does Dr. Rader Johnson have a point?  Is this the reason why so many of us may have had so much trouble in our lives? Should we have been baptized in Jesus name, excluding the Trinity as he makes clear?  Have we ever known Christ since the Apostolic church is the only way, according to Dr. Rader Johnson?  Possibly, if we are baptized in Jesus name and the Spirit, we wouldn't see so much division and lack of love and peace among us? In his own words, it seems like he was saying, we are not saved unless we are doing everything as an Apostolic saint, living right, being baptized in Jesus name and speaking in tongues.  Is Dr. Rader Johnson accurate?  Is this why there has been so much trouble in most (black) churches, they are not doing everything as a true apostolic saint?  

Watch Rader Johnson preach, 'Take Heed to Thyself'

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