Monday, February 9, 2015

Bishop, Dr. IV Hilliard Testified About How God Saved Him From a Plane Crash!!

Praise the Lord!!  We came across this video, featuring Bishop, Dr. I. V. Hilliard preaching at a COGIC church in North Carolina. He testified how the plane was going down and how he and his crew were headed for death, but-he began listening to God inform him to speak in tongues and command his angels to come. He told the Devil, 'I'm going to tell everybody what you tried to do and failed!' Bishop Hilliard went home and went to bed.  That, saints of God, is indeed is a miracle.  There are many Christians who think that speaking in tongues is not necessary, but that is the sign the that presence of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) is with you and the Holy Ghost is power and is the Comforter is some of the worst situations in life.  Praise God for Bishop I. V. Hilliard's testimony and to God be the glory!

Watch Video

Source and Photo: ALCC - COGIC

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