Monday, February 23, 2015

Bishop T. D. Jakes Held a Moment of Silence and Prayer In Memory of 21 Coptic Christians Killed by Isis, This Past Sunday

This past Sunday we were blessed to join The Potter's House on the Internet.  Bishop T. D. Jakes held a moment of silence for those who were killed by ISIS and then, led prayer.  You know, it 's very important for us to take what happened with ISIS very serious and pray this radical group is stopped before they try to take over the world.  They killed more than the 21 Christians and allegedly have held more in captivity.   Therefore, we thank God for Bishop T. D. Jakes, making a point to remind everyone that this is what was revealed in the Word of God.  Let us love, make peace and unite.  We believe God has allowed this as an eye opener for us to stop the hatred among ourselves within the body of Christ.  God bless and keep you each and every last one of you.

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